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Pinterest Optimization – Cool Marketing Tool Thursday

Today’s cool marketing tool was sent my way by the beautiful and talented Jenna Britton of Jenna Nicole Writes. If you need help with web copy (especially writing your own bio, which can be excruciating) make sure to check her out! Aside from being a great writer, she’s also a good friend and a connecter of awesome people (me) with brilliant information (the infographic).

Are you using Pinterest for your business? I am! 

Pinterest is driving more traffic to sites than YouTube and if you have visual content, should be a part of your marketing mix. But, like any tool in your marketing arsenal, you shouldn’t start using it because “Donna said so.” You should draft a strategic plan of action (need help? contact me) with tactics that will help you reach your goals. The good news? This handy infographic will get you off to a great start.

If you’re using Pinterest, please share a link to your account in the comments so that we can follow along!

Getting More Out of Twitter – Wednesday Quick Tip


Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all of the information on Twitter? It’s not a bad idea to follow and connect with all kinds of people online, but sometimes that can lead to information overload. A great way to ease some of this is by creating specific lists on Twitter featuring certain people or topics you want to be updated on quickly.

For instance, you might have a group of colleagues who support you and provide great inspiration to one another. Create a list so that you can access their tweets separate from your larger stream. Then, when you don’t have time to dig through the masses, you can quickly get the information you want.

Feeling like an overachiever? Create multiple lists for all your interests and target markets!

Actually Social Networking – How Quaint

You guys… I slacked last week. I took Friday off and didn’t do the marketing article roundup. It’s not my fault. My sister came over and brought this little guy and he totally overtook my life. Blast! But I can’t look at his cute face forever, so it’s back to the schedule this week!

So far, this week has been a busy one. And following an early morning appointment today, I found it difficult to focus on my mounting task list. That is until I stumbled on the YFE Twitter chat this afternoon.

If you’re not familiar with a Twitter chat, it’s basically a group of people on Twitter who follow a specific hash tag (in this case #YFEchat) to connect over a particular topic (being young, female entrepreneurs). The chat lasted for one hour, with the moderator providing 10 questions to stimulate conversation.

I’ll be honest with you – Twitter chats can be a lot to keep up with. Posts are whizzing by and you want to keep track of all of them. There are a lot of tools to help make the process easier (I like to use TweetDeck with a column dedicated to the hash tag). But, even if you’re organized, you’re bound to miss some information. Even so, you’ll get to connect with a number of like-minded individuals and you’ll actually get to network!

Following the chat, I’ve connected with one woman who I’m looking forward to meeting offline, I’ve identified a designer for some potential work and I’ve even promised to train for a future Olympic curling team (or, at least got to joke about it with a new friend). It’s times like these I actually remember why businesses should be on social networks – for the networking!

I encourage you to research some Twitter chats that might be of interest to you and jump right in. For more resources, check out this document with a list of all kinds of chats.

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