How To Use Telegram Scraping Software To Make Money – 5 Best Telegram Scrapers in 2023

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What is a Telegram Scraper?

A Telegram scraper is a software that is used to collect information such as usernames, members, subscriptions, followers, groups and channel messages from Telegram.

It is sometimes referred to as Telegram grabber or parser.

This service is mainly used by businesses to gather data for review and research but anyone has access to it.

This might seem like a tedious task which was the case a few years ago, however, in recent times, software has been developed which uses techniques to make the process much easier.

Scraping data on Telegram is easier compared to other social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook due to its support for automation.

In fact, only Twitter comes close in terms of automation.

This article will review the 5 best Telegram scrapers and guide you on how to use this, this will ultimately lead you to start making money from them if you do it right.

If you have coding skills and have custom features and better control then developing your own Telegram scraper would be better, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

Making Money with Telegram Scrapers

It is said that data is the next crude oil, whether you are a marketer, a business owner, a data analyst or a researcher, data is integral to your money-making venture depending whether you are selling or processing to use for your business.

Scraping data gives you a list of customer usernames and their chats mainly in groups and channels which you can use to build new or improve apps and businesses and uncover market opportunities.

As a marketer or business owner, the data collected from Telegram can be used to conduct market surveys so as to improve your business, ultimately making you more money.

It also gives you an insight into your competitions and how they operate so you make all the necessary improvements.

Data analysts and researchers use scraped data to conduct experiments and analysis of markets which they present to companies that employ them, or if they are freelancers, they sell to companies that need them.

Scraped data can also be used to train chatbots using machine learning techniques.

This works by using training models using user chat and responses given to them so as to have models that can automatically chat with your customers and give them the best possible answers to questions they have.

5 Best Telegram Scrapers in the Market

1. ScrapperAPI – Cloud

image 53

Free trial | Starts at $49.99

ScrapperAPI is an amazing tool for collection of Telegram data, especially for non-coders because it has an added feature that protects you from being traced and blocked through automatic IP rotation.

It has a very simple user interface which allows you to point and click to carry out operations.

You don’t need any previous knowledge of coding to effectively use ScrapperAPI and within minutes you can have well-structured spreadsheets of data.

It generates its reports and outputs in different data forms so you can choose the one that works best for you.

The data forms include, CSV, JSON, Excel, and MySQL.

ScrapperAPI is a cloud service so it works at very fast speeds regardless of the computational power of your computer. It’s also allowed you to schedule scraping at the time of your choice and at the frequency you want.

ScrapperAPI is free to use but with a lot of restrictions, so if you want full access, you have to subscribe to a plan based on your needs and plans start at $49.99.

2. Silverdor – Desktop (Windows and Mac)

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No free trial | Starts at $29.95

Silverdor is a Telegram Scraper compatible with Windows and Mac OS and it covers more grounds in terms of groups and channel scraping.

It offers periodic scraping for group and channel activities as they are updated so you don’t have to manually do it.

The software gives you full control over the scraping task which allows you to initiate settings automatically.

Not only does it allow you to collect usernames, it also automates the addition of users to another group, allowing you to connect with the audience of your competitor.

Silverdor also allows you to import scraped usernames as a CSV file and build a Telegram group or channel so as to save you the trouble of doing it manually.

Silverdor does not offer a free trial, but the plans offer lifetime access so you only pay once and the accessibility of computers to be used differ from package to package.

The plans start at $29.95 and go up to $85.95, however, you get a $5 discount when you pay with a cryptocurrency.

3. Oxylabs – Cloud

image 55

Free trial (7 days) | Starts at $15

Oxylabs is a great scraping tool for coders and non-coders because it offers the ability to customize your operations and go for the options that best meet your needs.

This is the best scraper for the web version of Telegram.

You can scrap anything from group data and usernames to channel information. It is also a cloud-based platform so it is independent of the performance of your computer.

The data output formats are as follows: JSON, HTML, CSV, Excel, and XML

It offers a free one-week trial that gives you access to the scraper, after which you have to subscribe to a plan.

You can pay for either the pay as you go plan which starts at $15 or the monthly plans which start at $300, however, you get a 10% discount when you subscribe yearly.

The plans are flexible, allowing you to customize and select the services you need.

4. Octoparse – Cloud, Desktop (Windows and Mac)

image 56

Free trial (14 days) | Starts at $75

Octoparse is another great Telegram scraper for non-coders because it provides a very easy to use platform.

In just three steps you can collect all the Telegram data you need, you just need to point at the desired data, click on it and extraction begins, simple as that.

This scraper works round the clock and offers period timing for scraping data, be it hourly, daily or monthly.

It is a cloud-based platform but also has a desktop software you can download and it also allows you to schedule the scraping task and it accumulates the data for you.

There are multiple data output formats such as CSV, Excel, JSON, MySQL, and SQLServer, for you to choose from depending on what your needs are and what you are using the data for.

Octoparse offers a two weeks free trial when you get to use all its services, but it is a bit expensive with the monthly plan starting at $75 going to as much as $399.

Depending on your budget and what your requirements are, you could go for Octoparse or some of the cheaper options.

5. Bright Data – Cloud

image 57

Free trial (1 week) | Starts at $350

Bright Data is one of the most popular web scraping platforms due to the ready-made datasets it provides.

This means even if you don’t have access to your required dataset, Bright Data can create one for you by searching for datasets that match your requirements.

It offers data outputs in the form of Excel, JSON, CSV and HTML, for both your scraped data and the ready-made data.

You can create customized plans for scraping depending your designed times intervals and the kind of data you need,

Bright Data uses advanced techniques that can access websites that have tightened security.

This is great because even though Telegram doesn’t have much restrictions now, if they eventually do, you won’t have any problems.

One of the most amazing things about Bright Data is its pay as you go feature, which allows you to pay for only the services you use, not the entire package.

You also have the option of a monthly full package subscription which starts from $350 per month.


Scraping social network data presents a cool way for you to make money, whether it is to improve your business or sell to someone who requires clean data, you are still making money.

In previous times, you had to have sufficient coding skills to scrape data for Telegram which limited access because a lot of business owners and marketers lack these skills.

Scraping software allows you to collect all the data you need and even schedule collection, with outputs in different formats without the need to have coding experience but at a price.

Some of them offer free trials which gives you an insight into their operations but you have to subscribe to a plan which can be monthly or lifetime to access the services.

Even though coding your scraper gives you ultimate control, a lot of software brings you close which is more than sufficient for most use cases.

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