7 easy steps to writing great social media posts

Are you tired of creating posts on social media and not getting proper attention from anyone? Creating a super engaging post on social media is never that easy.

Follow these 7 easy steps for writing great social media posts and see your social likes and shares skyrocket.

#1 Stop using passive voice on your sentences

Active: I got a blue tick on my Instagram profile Passive: I was given the blue tick on my Instagram Profile

#2 Get Descriptive

The superficial post gets a few likes. Dig deep and tell a story. Deeper content and storytelling creates trust, affinity, bonding, compassion and concern. This brings readers and the audience more closer to you. Helps them to get you to know from a deeper perspective. This builds a conversation which is based on more than simply trying to sell.

#3 Keep your paragraph short

Keep your paragraph to just 2 sentences. Long paragraph becomes distracting and difficult to read in small devices like mobile.

#4 Write relatable content

Write about something that your readers care about and something they can relate to. Your content should educate, entertain and/or inspire your readers.

#5 Look for Relationship, not followers

Use connecting words like “you” and “I” to establish a connection between you and your reader. Try to give examples related to your personal experience. This helps to build an emotional connection.

#6 End your post with a Question

Always end your post asking a question or feedback. This will encourage the audience to leave a comment. More comment means more engagement and more change to get viral.

#7 Solve Problems

Focus on solving the problems with your content. Try understanding the major concerns and problems of your target group and create something valuable to address them. Always be honest and transparent. Do not hype




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