Amazon Copywriting Freelance Jobs- How to Become Amazon Copywriter

Looking to make money with your writing skills? Check out Amazon copywriting freelance jobs!

With plenty of opportunities available, you can work from anywhere and showcase your talent while earning a living. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to turn your words into cash.

Do you have persuasive writing skills to convince people with your words? If so, then you should consider becoming an Amazon Copywriter.

So, why Amazon Copywriter? The short answer is that they are in high demand.

Amazon, which is probably the biggest marketplace in the world right now, is an ideal platform to enhance your copywriting & VA skills and transform them into a lucrative career over time.

Take the example of David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising, who worked with Rolls-Royce, Dove, and Shell. He enhanced the concepts of advertising and copywriting by producing compelling copy for his clients, and the world knows him for his unmatchable services in the field of copywriting. 

When it comes to Amazon copywriting, numerous freelancers from Upwork and Fiverr, accredited online freelancing platforms, have established their names as successful Amazon copywriters who are giving their expertise in Amazon listing optimization and copywriting worldwide. 

amazon copywriting

If building a successful career in Amazon copywriting is not too easy peasy, then it is truly not impossible, too. After the Covid, even top-notch companies are hiring remote employees in every field.

So, you can work from home as a copywriter to fulfil your dreams. Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, and even Facebook could be your ideal platforms to search for such kinds of jobs. 

Still in doubt? Read on to learn everything about Amazon copywriting freelance jobs and how you can become a skilled Amazon Copywriter in a short time.

What Is An Amazon Copywriter And What Are The Responsibilities Of A Copywriter On Amazon?

A good writer tells a story to his readers and makes them engaged from beginning to end. However, a great copywriter VA can persuade his audience to buy the product he talks about.

When it comes to Amazon copywriting, a copywriter needs to create the text content of Amazon product listings, advertisements, and some other marketing materials to generate profitable sales.

The requirements to become a highly-skilled copywriter include:

  • Impressive research skills, including keyword research and product research in some cases
  • High-end English language skills
  • Creative writing skills (basic designing would be a plus point)
  • Proofreading and editing skills
  • Persuasiveness in writing is a must thing
  • Great communication skills

Of course, every employer is different and can also demand other requirements, but most employers ask for the skills as mentioned above to be present in a copywriter.

In addition, if you already have prior Amazon or other eCommerce copywriting experience, it would help you get a higher salary than newbies. On average, a fresher Amazon copywriter can earn up to $3000 to $15000 per annum, which could be a great start.

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Moreover, if you are looking for remote Amazon copywriting opportunities, as mentioned earlier, you can count on Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and other freelancing websites.

The best part about these platforms is that they allow you to earn on hourly terms. Yes, you read it right. You can get paid if you choose projects based on an hourly payment system. Explore the websites to get more details.

So, what stops you from kick-starting your career as an Amazon copywriter? 

How Do You Become An Amazon Copywriter And What Qualifications Are Needed?

Are you a passionate writer with strong communication skills? Do you have a smartphone, laptop, and a stable internet connection? If your answer is yes to both questions, congratulations, you are ready to become an Amazon copywriter.

Many people may ask about what qualifications they should have to enter the field of copywriting. Well, the good thing is you don’t have to take a formal degree to become an expert copywriter.

Practice, consistency, and experience will eventually pave your way in this industry.

However, a professional copywriter always pays attention to these essential areas while creating a copy:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • The rule of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action)

You might wonder why AIDA is there on the list. In copywriting, whether you create a copy for a website, B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), Advertisement, or social media, the rule of AIDA applies everywhere.

You can indeed start your career as an Amazon copywriter without having any professional education, but it is beneficial for you to take relevant online courses, either free or paid.

YouTube could be your ultimate learning hub in this regard. There are plenty of channels there that are providing training to newbies free of cost.

Nothing is difficult to achieve in today’s advanced digital era. So, get up, take the first step, and grab every possible opportunity you get. It will help you in building your career as a copywriter. What are you waiting for?

What Skills Do You Need To Be Successful As An Amazon Copywriter?

Becoming a copywriter is one thing, but build a successful career as an Amazon copywriter is another thing. The latter needs some specific skills, such as:

Technical and Computer Skills

Learning technical skills is not a compulsory thing, but you can even create complex content with ease.

So, what if you don’t have a Computer Science background? Well, if you don’t have a standard degree in Computer Science or IT, don’t feel bad. You can still pursue your career in copywriting. Moreover, you can also take professional help if needed.

how to learn copywriting amazon
How to learn copywriting

Creative Thinking is a Must Thing

Do you always think out of the box?

Are you a creative thinker who can come up with innovative ideas? If so, you are already there.

Just jot down your rough ideas and create engaging copy that can grab the attention of your target audience. It is not that hard. Is it?

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Moreover, if it is the struggling phase of your career, make as many samples as you can. 

You need to have Problem-Solving Skills to become an Amazon Copywriter

Having problem-solving skills is a highly critical element of your copywriting career. For instance, you work in a reputable advertising company as a copywriter.

There, you have to manage all tasks, including a project’s budget, timeline, and strategies to enhance business goals. How will you handle it?

Of course, producing creative content always requires more resources, so your problem-solving skills can make you a hero here if you implement effective strategies within a limited budget and also create high-quality content on time.

Interpersonal Skills

Is it easy for you to build connections with other people? If so, believe that your copywriting career is stable. 

Interpersonal skills can help you understand the perceptions and tastes of your target audience. Copywriters create content according to the demand of customers, so strong communication skills with interpersonal on top will make a difference for sure. 

Moreover, building long-term connections is necessary to be successful as an independent copywriter.

Research Skills

Whatever you do in your professional life, the first step you take is research. Isn’t it the truth? 

Similarly, content without research can never be that attractive or unique. When it comes to copywriting, it is the most crucial element for sure.

Do you think creating various types of material, such as whitepapers, and technical guides, can be done without research? If so, think again. 

Long story short, research is as essential for copywriting as oxygen to a human life.

How To Improve Copywriting Skills to Become a Freelancer

Now you know what skills are necessary to be a copywriter, so the next thing is how you can improve them. Check these effective tips and techniques to follow to master copywriting.

1. Try to Practice Writing Various Styles of Copy to Enhance Your Creativity

Uniqueness and diversity can be a deadly combination in copywriting. What do you think? 

If you want to enhance your skills as a copywriter, specifically as an Amazon copywriter, try to be diverse. Be fearless while experimenting.

Research various types of copy, practice hard to create several other elements of copywriting, including long research-based content and short product descriptions and make more samples for your portfolio.

2. Develop Powerful Writing Skills

“A copywriter without having strong writing skills can achieve new heights of success.” 

Sounds weird? Of course, it would never feel right because a copywriter without persuasive writing skills could be anything but a competent copywriter.

Now you know the importance of writing in this industry, but have you thought of improving it yet? Well, you can enhance your writing by doing simple steps.

All you have to do is stay consistent in crafting masterpieces in the form of short product descriptions, blogs, short stories, formal writing, and many other materials. Persistency is the key here. And don’t forget to take help from the internet by doing extensive research before playing with words. 

3. Get Fully Aware of the Do’s and Don’ts of the Industry

Many people think that the copywriting industry operates because of creativity and innovation, but this is partially true. \Copywriting heavily depends on what customers demand. You should consider what the audience wants from you and not what you want to create according to your personal preferences. 

To sum it up, know the dos and don’ts of your industry. You must be familiar with all the open and hidden aspects of copywriting if you are planning to stay in the competition.

4. Develop a Sense of Curiosity and Adventure to Produce Unique Copy

A copywriter is a person who is always curious about life, nature, and other creative aspects that can help him to create something different and unique every single time. 

So, a sense of curiosity and adventure is very critical for a copywriter. You can develop such skills through practice, research, and creativity. 

Try to think during the nighttime because of the peaceful and thoughtful environment one can usually have at that time.

5. Learn Different CMS (Content Management Systems)

Do you think you only need creative writing and research skills to be a successful copywriter? If so, you might be wrong here. Learning some technical skills is as crucial as the former one. 

One of the most common yet high-level skills is managing Content Management Systems (CMS). There are different CMS in the market, but the most popular is WordPress (WP).

You can learn it with ease because of its simplicity. Many courses related to WordPress and other CMS are all over the internet, so do some research and learn at least the basics of WordPress.

P.S. It is highly preferable to learn more than one content management system. 

6. Build Your Portfolio

Imagine you take a fresh start in life and want to become a copywriter. You visit company to company and drop your CV without any portfolio, but nobody called.

You would feel disappointed for sure. But think for a moment why would someone hire you if you have no proof of your skills? 

So, building a portfolio is not an option but a requirement to get a good job or project. 

7. Be Customer-Oriented to Become Successful in the Long Run

A company does business to earn profits, but a brand does business to win the trust of its target audience. Everybody knows the difference between a company and a brand, and you can get an idea. 

The customer-oriented approach can convert a normal company into a famous brand. So, you have to be connected with your clients to understand their demands and requirements.  

How Much Money Can You Make From Amazon Copywriting Freelance Jobs?

What Is The Average Salary of an Amazon copywriter?

Money is the biggest motivation to become an Amazon copywriter because of the high-level perks you can get after entering the industry.

According to some authentic reports, on average, the Amazon copywriter earns up to $86,000+ per annum. Moreover, even the marketing department at Amazon makes $2,414 more on average as compared to the Business Development Department. Sounds interesting? 

The above are the statistics that show how much money Amazon copywriters are generating through their talent, hard work, and skills. Get motivation from the statistics and data to pave your way as an Amazon copywriter.

True that it is not as easy peasy as it seems, but dedication, creativity, and consistency will remove all the hurdles that could come your way. 

Stop thinking and start doing some research on online freelancing forums, including Fiverr and Upwork. Make an account on these websites and start getting orders related to your niche.

In addition, these freelancing sites also allow you to do pay-per-hour jobs. Such types of projects/jobs can help you instantly construct your portfolio. So, get remote work and earn hundreds of bucks daily.

What Are The Benefits of Amazon Copywriting Freelance Jobs?

Even a simple copywriter is a diamond, let alone an Amazon copywriter. Here are the benefits of being an Amazon copywriter:

  • Better Customer-Oriented Approach

An Amazon copywriter can better understand the requirements of the target audience and create compelling content to keep the customers attached to the brand. He can help you discover your brand’s voice with his unmatchable expertise. 

For any brand, customer satisfaction is its strength to stay in a competitive market for a long time. So, hiring an Amazon copywriter would be the best choice for a company to convert it into a brand.

  • Copywriting Plus Search Engine Optimization Expertise

He can help you rank higher on search engines, so you don’t need a separate SEO expert for this purpose. The Ad copy that a copywriter creates has all the right ingredients to publish that can lure customers to buy the products.

  • An All-rounder Copywriter

An Amazon copywriter understands various styles of copy, and he has the skills to improve your overall image by providing unique and diverse content in the market.

  • Highly Professional Skills

He not only provides a perspective but also makes your brand look professional. He knows how to impress his clients and target audience by providing them with a clear vision of what the brand is selling. In addition, he makes effective strategies to increase the conversion rate.

How Can You Find Amazon Copywriting Freelance Jobs?

You can find Amazon copywriting and VA jobs by applying on different accredited online freelancing platforms. Some of the best forums to search for remote work include:

  • Upwork

Formerly known as oDesk, right now, Upwork is arguably the best online freelancing platform in the world. It is the perfect place for highly professional and skilled freelancers.

Being a one-stop solution for all types of freelancers, including Content Writers, Copywriters, Web Designers, Web Developers, and Graphics Designers, Upwork allows you to get projects most simply. However, on every successful project, the company deducts 20% of your earnings. 

All you have to do is to create an Upwork account and get it approved first. The next step is to complete your profile 100% by adding all the details about you and the skills you want to provide over there. Then, start finding work by sending proposals to the jobs that perfectly match your expertise.

For more information, visit Upwork, and take a step ahead towards fulfilling your dreams.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is an accredited online freelancing forum. It is similar to Upwork, but there is a high probability you can encounter semi-professionals and even newbies on Fiverr. So, one must be very careful while applying for Amazon copywriting jobs or hiring someone for any task. 

On Fiverr, you can create multiple Gigs according to your expertise, but be active to get noticed by sellers. In addition, don’t forget to maintain your response time and ratings to stay there for a long time. Once you win the trust of your clients, you can enjoy a stable income out of Fiverr.

Moreover, Fiverr also gets its fair commission. So, no need to feel disheartened in the struggling phase. Take little steps, and be consistent in getting regular projects related to Amazon copywriting. One day, you will be right there where you want to be today.

  • LinkedIn

The employment-oriented online networking forum, LinkedIn, is the most appropriate platform to get great remote opportunities. 

You can become a proficient Amazon copywriter by applying on LinkedIn, but keep a few things in mind. First of all, create an account and set your profile.

Add every relevant detail to your profile, including skills, work experience (if any), and certifications. The next step is to connect with other professionals.

Get linked with people who can help you achieve your goals. Try to unite with Human Resource Managers, Copywriters, Content Writers, and other individuals/agencies from your field.

Once you build your connections, you can even ask for skill endorsements on LinkedIn. So, what stops you from getting remote or even on-site Amazon copywriting jobs from the platform?

  • Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is not a social networking site only, but you can even get remote jobs from the platform?

Yes, it is true.

Gone are the days when people used Facebook for making new friends only. With the enhancements in the web application, many new features are added to the site to empower people of all ages. 

The question is how to get work on Facebook. Right?

Well, all you need is to join relevant groups and follow pages to get the latest updates about new Amazon copywriting freelance job opportunities. Moreover, several reputed companies also hire through Facebook, so be active there and start getting orders related to your field. 

Amazon Copywriting Freelance jobs – Wrapping Up

Have you found your dream job yet? If not, don’t be disappointed. You can create an online agency or a website to sell your Amazon copywriting skills to your target clients. 

You need to put your blood, sweat and money to make your name as an Amazon copywriter from scratch, but it will be worth every minute. Moreover, if you are skilled, you can make your portfolio and display it on your website to attract potential clients.

To sum it up, the possibilities are not limited to online. There are many national and international companies out there who are looking for dedicated and expert Amazon copywriters. 

Nevertheless, if you don’t find the opportunity, then create one for yourself. Do your research and pick the best option that suits you.

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