9 Best Advertising Trackers – Top Ads Tracking Tools for Marketers

Track your ad performance with ease and precision using the best advertising trackers. Stay ahead of the competition and maximize your ROI with advanced analytics and real-time data.

Advertising on a digital platform provides the brands an amazing opportunity to gauge their effectiveness.


With the help of Ad trackers.

Ad trackers are there to help an advertiser understand the consumer market, gauge who is effectively interacting with their campaigns and products and also allows the brands to change their advertising tactics, if required.

But how do ad trackers work?

How can an advertiser use these metrics to make changes and gather insight to make smallest changes to push their campaigns to the right customers?

Why do you need an Advertising tracker and how do they work?

Digital marketing levels the playing fields between small brand and the bigger brands.

It is the best way to pitch your products against your competitors as you can make changes on the go.

Even better is the market segmentation and research that you can do based on the advertising tracking.

You will get the best understanding of who is interacting with your content, who views your advertisements and goes into reading the details on the products and which section of the intended customer base has more hold on the purchase pattern.

You can even understand how much time is required for the “consideration phase” for your product and what you can do better, all of these, but in real-time.

To broadly explain what a tracker does is, it reads data that is collected through your advertising campaign and gives you an idea of how it is performing.

For instance, if you have created a campaign for a product and the product is reaching out to a demographic that you do not want to target, you can check the data and make necessary alterations.

Links can be tracked to see traffic, cookies can be used to understand customer behavior.

Mostly what you get is an opportunity to make every step calculated and worthy of the penny that you spend.

How to Choose The Right Advertising Tracker Based on Your Business

Advertisement tracking is a broader term, which can mean about anything when it comes to tracking the Ads rolled out by a brand.

So, let’s break the terms down and see what a brand can look forwards to when opting for one of the Top Ad tracking tools for marketers.

Link Tracking

Essentially the idea for link tracking is to make sure that the advertiser has a fair idea of how many individuals had clicked on a link or shared a link.

To be able to collect this information, any top ad tracking tool for marketers will add a few tokens to the landing page which is known as the UTM parameters.

When someone would click on the URL of your landing page or the link that you have shared, it will consist of something like- “source=_____”, this will help the advertiser to track the number of users clicked.

This is the general idea of how link tracking works.

Pixel Tracking

A pixel tracking is a much more detailed view about your ad.

When you are tracking the pixel, you will have a detailed view about the customer behavior of the people who have clicked on your ad, how long a customer/viewer has been on your page, the number of clicks on your link and so on.


A point of contention for many but an advertiser’s tool, cookies help track customer behavior and activity on a broader perspective.

This helps any advertiser to gauge their customers and also to retarget their ads.

Social Media Among The Top Ad Tracking Tools For Marketers


We all know the importance of LinkedIn in the professional networking world.

Although, its reach is niche, but if the requirement be so, you can always create a certain form of advertisement to target the clients within LinkedIn itself.

As per the professional networking site you can reach out to over 850 million professionals and you can create Dynamic ads to text ads and gauge their performance through the tools available within the platform itself.


Facebook, undoubtedly, has the highest reach to potential customers for a particular ad.

The social media platform itself comes equipped with a multitude of tools that will help track and place your advertisements.

The best part about Facebook is that the demography is broader, compared to other social media sites, and you can also get a wind of the right customer base for your products that you have to offer.

You can target lookalike audiences, you can customize your ad to location, age and even be as specific as postcode.

Thus, not a dollar to be lost on unnecessary views and not an opportunity to be missed with Facebook.


Just like Facebook there is a broader reach and influencing on Instagram is easier.

But, if the reach is to be estimated, it falls between the age range of 18-49 years over the users of the social media account.

Targeting of ads is easy and also if you have more of a creative based advertisement, it’s easier to launch on Instagram.

You will get pre-determined targets set to choose from or you have the ability to customize as much possible for your advertisement to have the best ROI.

9 Best Advertising Trackers

1. Meta Pixel


Formerly known as Facebook Pixel, this is a Javascript code which helps track the activity of the consumers of your advertisements.

The detailed insights are the highlights of this tracker and you can absolutely understand the nitty gritty of how your campaign might have performed.

Meta Pixel helps you to build custom audiences and lookalike audiences to reach more consumers and tailor the experience for the people you are targeting.

With this tool, you can always track any key performance metric to keep the ad performance on check.

You can always optimize any metric based on the requirement of your business to better suit conversion.

Also, most importantly you will have the data of the visitors of your page which will help you to launch your Facebook ads whenever you plan on doing so

Meta Pixel comes with the advertisements and so its free.

2. Madgicx


Madgicx has to be among 9 best advertising trackers and the platform’s claims are there to back this idea up.

According to the tool, it makes it certain to provide the highest ROI as compared to the ad spends.

The tool is known to optimize the budgets and ads based on the KPI set by an advertiser thus providing space for creativity.

With the help of Madgicx, you can select from the pricing which is heavily based on the spend for your ad, thus reducing chances of wasteful expense when planning for a campaign.

You will be equipped with Ad launchers which takes data from Facebook, Instagram posts or previous ads and optimizes and customizes itself for the best outcome.

You will, also, always have the option to choose from target specific audiences.

To add to the benefits of this software, you will have the opportunity for conversion tracking, monitoring your social media engagements, obviously manage the campaigns and also a detailed view of content management.

The pricing for Madgicx can be upto $383/month, annually charged.

3. Cometly


Cometly promises a hyper-accurate attribution for your ads.

This way you can increase the profits against your campaigns while monitor your ad spends.

The tool tracks the sales to all the ads which are right for it and it will help to improve the advertisement’s performance based on the real-time tracking of the data.

The platform promises faster ad optimization by 7x compared to all its competitors.

Cometly can track the ads for any of the marketing funnel, or website you use and even any of the online stores.

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You can almost instantly, within one hour, have visibility of your campaign performance and take notes of what to alter and how to budget.

With this tool, you can use the ad platform’s AI for optimize the campaign to its best potential.

Even more, you can always pause campaigns which are yielding bad ad spends compared to returns

The pricing is based on the requirement and customized to your business. You can always opt for a free demo.

4. Hyros


Hyros is revered as one of the Top Ad tracking tools for marketers because of the highest level of tracking and AI optimization, as promised by the tool itself.

There are multiple features involved to help you find the perfect tracker for your business.

The tool has tracker for optimizing business’s reach, to understand and better call funnels, to maximize your e-commerce reach and there is also something for the agencies.

With Hyros, you can track calls, customers who are returning to your brand, leads and even the sales for your brand.

You can even target better with the help of the tool by increasing the number of close calls for your business.

Furthermore, you can make use of the AI provided by Hyros to optimize the advertisements at any level.

This particular platform can be used to ensure the ad profitability for any e-commerce site.

The pricing for Hyros can start as low as $199/month.

5. BeMob


BeMob can be defined as an affiliate tracking program which helps the advertisers to track and even optimize their campaigns.

There are way too many features which includes a very advanced tracking of the source of traffic, and even conversion monitoring.

Additional feature if fraud detection.

BeMob provides the marketers access to a lot of information about their campaigns like click through rate, and even affiliate commissions earned.

You can pinpoint exactly what you can alter in the campaign and make use of the data for future campaigns.

The platform provides a unique link to be shared with the affiliates, so it becomes easier to gather data and provide insight.

To top that off, the platform can do so without the use of any kind of cookies.

bemob dashboard

The pricing can range from free, with limited information to $499 per month.

6. Voluum


Voluum is the software for agencies, marketers and in-house media buyers to understand the performance marketing analytics.

The tool assists you with manages all the paid and even the organic traffic sources and that too under one roof.

The AI powered tools help with the optimization for traffic of a website.

This tool also helps teams to be able to collaborate on different levels of their ad campaign.

With Voluum you can get the reporting for all the ad campaigns done in real time and you can get over more than 30 metrics which even includes visit, conversions and even clicks.

You can even protect the budgets with anti-fraud kit available on the platform.

With this particular tool you can easily detect any traffic that is not required and even block any bot activity to make the campaign as optimized as possible.

The pricing of the can vary from $499/month to $1999/month.

7. Plat


Plat too is an affiliate network tracking software which helps monitor the visits through the affiliate link and thus the campaign, track the clicks and also helps to understand the conversion, that too real time.

There are over a dozen of metric to track and you can do so through Plat.

You can even automate and even allow auto-optimization through campaign rules.

The software that Plat works on with auto optimize and automate any kind of traffic distribution based on the returns.

Basically, if a campaign is not seeing profit and return based on the spend, Plat will help to bring in new segmentation to your campaign.

You can even filter out the fraud that can be targeting your ad and making you spend go higher than anticipated.

This software provides tracking services and along with that it also helps with lead distribution.

These are all the reasons why Plat can easily be one of the 9 best advertising trackers.

There is a free service of course, but then the pricing can range from $49/month to $389/month.

8. Bitly


If you have been using a world wide web for a long time, there is a huge possibility that at some point you have come across Bitly.

Bitly, is generally used to shorten the URLs.

But did you know that Bitly does much more than shortening a link?

Bitly campaigns helps you to manage, measure and even create a link that will help you gauge the customer behavior.

Once you have connected the Bitly link to said campaign and entered the destination page, you can track the progress easily.

The Bitly Dashboard will give information about demographics and the locations leading to the different channels and even the ads which are paid in nature.

With linking all the campaigns under one roof, you will have all the required data under a single dashboard.

The pricing for Bitly can range from $21/month to about $199/month.

9. AdsBridge

ads bridge affiliate software

Adsbridge is another affiliate program tracking software.

It helps to track, optimize, analyze and manage the programs and the advertisements created for these affiliate programs.

It helps you to be accurate with the monetization part by gatekeeping bots and only introducing valuable clicks.

With Adsbridge you are free to conduct A/B tests for the campaigns you are planning on launching, eradicate unnecessary spend.

You will get a detailed analysis of all the data required to make your campaign the best in its line.

This program is a one stop solution for all types of business as it provides a very large scoop of all the necessary tools and there is no limitation to any functionality.

The trail is for free while the pricing can start from $29 per month to about $379 per month.

To conclude, you have a large range of tools to help you track your ads for better targeting of your consumers and you can choose from any of the 9 best advertising trackers.

You can choose to customize your reports according to your need based on what the tools provide.

It is always easier to try most of the tools, at least for the trial period and see what makes sense for your business and what is convenient for you.

Once you have figured out the best tracker you can commit to their subscriptions.

Also, you do have a few ad trackers for free and there is no harm in letting them run in the background.

Added measure would be to choose an ad tracker which is compliant to the rules and regulations.

The ad tracks should involve some features like opt-ins.

As much as you would like to avoid hiring a legal expert for help, especially when you are starting out, it is also a responsible thing to do is to be aware of privacy rules.

Only collect the data that is required and avoid encroaching into the lives of consumers.

Try to remember that the people you are targeting are made of flesh and bones and they like to stay private.

Also, the fact that you can have a global reach would mean that you have to be careful of the rules and regulations of places across the world.

Try to be as respectful possible and with the help of the Top Ad tracking tools for marketers, you will be a global name in no time.

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