7 Best AI Selfie Apps in 2023 | Strike a Pose with These AI-Powered Selfie Apps

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Taking selfies has become an integral part of most of our lives, we take selfies with our smartphones for all kinds of reasons.

Most times the issue we run into is when it comes to editing the selfies, you have to adjust picture properties such as color and this can be very stressful especially if you plan on taking lots of them.

Over time, companies started building mobile apps that help automate the editing process where after you took selfies you could edit it in seconds by tapping a button or swiping different variations, then they expanded to apply the say edit and filters to multiple pictures.

But this was still not sufficient because applying the same edit might not work for all the pictures, this is where artificial intelligence was applied.

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Mobile app developers integrate artificial intelligence into their camera apps which allows them to scan pictures taken and recommend the best edit based on characteristics, background and the object of the image.

This was further expanded to work in real time, so you could apply filters and edits before you take the pictures.

The world of artificial intelligence took selfie apps a step further by generating simulations based on the pictures you want to take and applying augmented reality to alter the images.

In this article, we discuss some of the best AI selfie app in the market and what they entail, some apps are free while some are either based on a subscription or a one-time purchase.

1. Lensa AI – iOSAndroid Selfie App

lensa AI selfie app

Price: Free

Developed by Prisma, this camera app is great for enhancing your selfie portraits.

It offers features such as real-time background blurring and facial retouching which are controlled by navigation sliders.

Lensa allows you to edit photographs and videos in real-time so you don’t have to save or render before making your edits.

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What makes Lensa AI standout is its ability to break down the photograph into individual components and treat them independently.

So, you could decide to make adjustments only to the background and that change will not be applied to the person or object in the photographs and videos. Lensa offers a large, mostly free to use features such as filters.

Lensa is free to download but it has a paid feature called Magic Avatar which uses AI to generate edited images from a collection of your images.

2. PicAI – iOSAndroid Selfie App

Pic Ai Selfie App with AI

Price: Free

PicAI works by analyzing and detecting people and objects in the camera scene, then it recommends the best filters to improve the scene.

It works by uploading at least 9 high-quality images so the AI algorithm trains on them and provides you with unique and varied environments and clothing styles.

You can navigate the filters by swiping the screen and selecting the one that best suits you.

PicArt is a great app for quick edits but it doesn’t allow you to make any adjustments to the recommended filters. It offers camera features such as a timer, full-screen camera and a silent mode.

3. Halide – iOS Selfie App

Halide AI selfie app

Price: $11.99 per year

Imagine you could have a professional manual mode of editing photographs on your smartphone, well this is what Halide brings to the table.

With advanced machine learning that applies smart HDR and Deep Fusion to photographs, this app gives you that professional feeling while aiding you in taking the best selfie.

The app also has a feature that provides you with a full-camera swipe gesture which helps you utilize the entire screen.

Another cool feature Halide has is it can be controlled remotely with your apple watch, it also works on command with Siri so this makes the user experience much better.

Halide is free to download and you get a 7-days free trial after which you have a choice of annual subscription or a lifetime purchase.

4. YouCam Perfect – iOSAndroid

You cam perfect AI selfie app

Price: Free

YouCam Perfect is an amazing beauty camera app and selfie photo editing app, which works with just a tap of a button. It provides all the necessary selfie editing tools such as face beautifying, filters, effects, templates, fonts, and much more.

YouCam Perfect beautifies selfies by smoothing wrinkles and removing blemishes, it also reshapes face by applying filters. It also provides a cloud backup so you can access all your photographs remotely and across multiple devices.

The app is free to download and use but it has in-app purchases which provides unlimited access to exclusive templates, frames and stickers.

5. FacePlay – iOSAndroid Selfie App

Faceplay selfie app

Price: Free

FacePlay is an AI app that provides you with magic avatars that generates a series of avatars from your photo.

All you need to do is upload a few of your selfies and FacePlay uses AI to analyze your face and present to you amazing avatars such as sci-fi style, war damage style, queen style, and art painting style.

With just a single click, you are taken into the dream of a two-dimensional anime world or cyberpunk world. FacePlay also works on animals so you could upload pictures of your pet and they too can be taken into a fantasy world.

It also has an anime couple feature that can accommodate two people and apply special effects and filters such as face swapping on them.

As with most other selfie cam apps, FacePlay also has features which are only accessible when you make a paid subscription, however, the basic features which you need are free to use.

6. S Pro Camera – Android Selfie App

S pro camera selfie app

Price: Free

S pro Camera has features such as AI scene detection which automatically analyze the scene of the photograph to determine the best edits for it.

Other features include face cute, face beauty, gender and age recognition which all occur in real time which make the app great for use.

It supports continuous shooting, an 18:9 preview, HDR, panorama, and ZSL with professional manual mode available so you can make edits to the filters and effects to best meet your requirements.

It also supports real-time videos with the face beauty and face cure features.

7. Spectre Camera – iOS

spectre selfie camera app

Price: $4.99

This AI camera app is mainly designed to take long-exposure shots and with the medium or long duration shots, you can remove people and objects from your photographs.

It also automatically switches modes at night to draw amazing light trails so you have beautiful nighttime photographs.

It also has an intelligent shutter that produces live photos by taking hundreds of shots in a few seconds to which you can pick a frame in your photo and apply live photo effects which you could use as live wallpapers.

Bonus app

Snapchat iOSAndroid

snapchat app for taking selfie

Price: Free

This is technically not a camera app but rather a social networking app, but it has great camera capabilities.

With augmented reality embedded in real-time images and videos, snapchat comes with a ton of filters and effects which are always being updated.

It also follows trends and gives you filters and effects that work for the season, for example on Christmas day you get a Santa Claus filter which makes the effects appear on your face.

Snapchat also provides you with multiple editing and sticker templates so you never have to take boring pictures.

One great feature of the video part of snapchat is it provides very high-quality videos that occupy less memory space, which provides you with a memory efficient way of taking selfie videos.

Frequently asked questions on AI selfie camera apps

1. Can I use the free apps without subscribing?

Answer: Yes, most AI selfie camera apps are free to download and use the basic features. Usually the subscription is for exclusive features such as premium filters and templates which you might not require.

2. Are my pictures safe?

Answers: We strongly advise you read terms and conditions before using any app that requires you to upload sensitive media such as your selfie. All the apps in this review have sections in their terms and conditions that clearly state all images uploaded are not transferred to any database but remain in your smartphone.


Selfie cameras have grown to become more popular than back cameras due to the fact that you can see the shot before you take it.

These AI-driven apps make the experience much more enjoyable by providing you with ways to enhance your pictures automatically and apply augmented realities to them.

Some of these apps work real-time while others require you upload then they analyze and generate the media.

The major difference is real-time images usually have less detail to train the AI models as compared to the apps that take their time and gather as much features as possible from your uploaded images.

Either way, the choice of which app to use depends on your requirements. I hope this guide was helpful in making a decision and if you have any doubts, feel free to drop a comment.

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