16 Best Fiverr Gigs (Make Your First $5 In An Hour)

What Are The Best Fiverr Gigs To Make Money In 2022

Fiverr is a top freelancing marketplace. It works as a bridge between freelancers and clients.

With over 3.4 million active buyers each year, Fiverr has it all covered. You can make money virtually with the help of Fiverr, provided you have any talent/skills to offer. 

In 2010, Fiverr began its services with eight categories.

The following year, the platform’s monthly gross merchandise value surpassed $1 million. Every year since then, Fiverr has increased its gross merchandise value and income.

The platform now spans over 500 service categories and generates annual revenue of $189.51 million.

That’s a 3.64x growth in just one year.

What Are The Advantages Of Gigs On Fiverr?

After you understand what Fiverr is and how to create an account, it is good to understand its benefits as a seller. Here are some of the pros of Fiverr gigs together with some of the best Fiverr gigs.

✅ Gigs have a plethora of options

You will be amazed by the variety of Gigs available on the site. And they have it. All you need is competence in any skill, and Fiverr will provide you with a platform for sharing it.

✅ Provides services in which you have a keen interest

 This is a beautiful website where you can find a home for unconventional thinking. If you are interested in any topic and then can cater, Fiverr may well be the place for you.

✅ Outstanding earning potential

 Do not believe that you can only earn $5; if you mix and match the packages with various add-ons, you can earn a decent amount of money every month.

Money Making On Fiverr

This blog will highlight 16 valuable and practical ways you can make extra money using Fiverr since Fiverr has all kinds of buyers who take an interest in just about any skill under the sun.

However, some niches are lucrative and more reliable than others. But, it is not a bummer.

Nothing can keep you from earning money if you understand the community and deliver reliable work to your buyers on time. 

Some people use Fiverr, while others make their living selling what they have to offer. 

As a seller on Fiverr, you can offer services and solutions to potential clients.

Who will pay you for what you offer? In general, a single Fiverr gig will give you around $5; however, you will make more as you grow and earn more respect in the community. 

So, without further ado, let’s highlight 16 Fiverr gigs that will change your lives. 

1. Designing Gigs Can Be Diverse 

fiverr design gigs

Did you know?  Graphic designing is a lucrative field with endless possibilities as it’s among the most common Fiverr gigs.

Therefore, graphic designers make thousands of dollars from a single design gig on Fiverr. 

Some of the most popular gigs under designing niche:

  • Logo designing
  • Brochures & flyers 
  • Infographics
  • Business card design 


If you have skills in these niches, you can make anywhere between $30 to $80 once you pick the pace on Fiverr.

Initially, it can be around $5 to $10 for newbies, who stick to the guidelines and deliver reliable content.

Always go smooth with the client; communication, professional practice, and on-time delivery are key here.

If you follow these tips, nothing will keep you from making money in the graphic designing niche. 

2. Video Animation Gigs Are Hot And Trending 

Top of its game, the most popular cutting-edge and highly in-demand niche, thousands of reputable firms, individuals, and agencies hire talented video animators each day. 

2D and 3D video animators especially can make a good living by completing a few orders per month.

You can earn a lot of money on the platform if you know how to use essential video creation software like Adobe After Effects.

However, video animation is a broad field with many sub-niches that work particularly well on the site.

For example:

A top-rated Fiverr video animator with more than 1k+ reviews, making $30 to $250 on low to high gigs.

Providing a range of solutions, he has categorized his gigs in various outlooks from low-end to top-end, depending on duration and delivery time.

I will create a professional cinematic video editing ad 4k for youtube or Facebook.

3. Social Media Content Creation Can Be a Career

Are you a social media enthusiast who spends 6-8 hours regularly surfing through the various social networking apps?

If I said you could make much money if you learn how to use your social media skills appropriately on Fiverr, would you believe it? Yes, you heard me right. 

So, what is the meaning of a social media content creator?

The individual capable of giving information about social networks is recognized as the content producer for social networks.

social media content creator

The social media post originator handles general material, publishes posts conforming with a company’s voice and social strategic plan, and reacts to customers and followers.

Although various subcategories and niches fall under social media content creation, the most popular is content writing.

You can easily make money by writing social media content for businesses.

4. SEO Support Is Possible With Some Basic Knowledge 

If you’re creating a personal blog, a business site, or an e-commerce site, you can use Fiverr services like SEO assistance to help you gain traffic — the more traffic you have, the more cash you’ll make.

Likewise, since SEO is a comparatively recent marketing tool, you could indeed earn much money through Fiverr gigs if you know how to integrate it into web content. 

In addition, numerous businesses and start-ups want to boost natural traffic to websites.

Provided, you conduct proper keyword research to create content to attract traffic and keep readers involved.

That said, if you understand the basics of targeted keywords and can generate helpful keyword news stories for your customers, you could indeed earn $500-$1000 for each month from this gig.

Look at this example:

Meet this Fiverr guru specializing in SEO, and this guy has managed to gain over 50,000 satisfied clients!

Would you believe it?

In addition, he has been the champ of the “FIVERR Labs SEO Experiment.”

He has more than a thousand reviews, mostly positive, and is top-rated. 

I will link from top brands in the world with high authority SEO backlinks.

5. Website Development & Coding: Technical Niche 

Any Fiverr gigs list is not complete without the mention of website building. It’s easily one of the highest-paid gigs on the platform.

Website builders charge anywhere from $100–$5000 for a single project.

In addition, the best part about outsourcing website developers from a platform like Fiverr is diversity.

Hence, you can get developers for WordPress, CMS, SquareSpace, or Wix; you name it.

This way, you can get more productivity by using multiple sellers on Fiverr than from an in-house developer.

So, if you’re a developer, you can offer the complete package on Fiverr.

That usually includes creating, customizing, installing plug-ins, testing, and fixing the site. You can charge up to $3000 for complete services on a two-page website. In brief, 

on a two-page website, you can charge up to $3000 for complete services.

For example:

This guy from Pakistan is a rockstar, and he has made a career that many aspire to get out of Fiverr; he makes money that is ideal even from the perspective of the western lifestyle.

How so?

By delivering top-end reliable services, since web development is talk of the hour and has been in demand with the emergence of internet and smartphone technologies. 

I will fix WordPress errors, issues, and bugs.

6. Be A Voiceover Artist

If you’ve been told you have such a great voice, you could be able to find work as a voiceover artist on the site.

Purchasers on Fiverr regularly search for people to provide voiceover work and narrations for Videos online, audio files, podcasts, adverts, and other developments.

The buyer will advise you of the sort of voiceover they involve and, in most instances, will give you lots of scripts to document the voiceover; all you need now is a mic and recording apps, both of which are easily accessible these days.

When you’re first starting, you can use your PC’s built-in microphone, and then you can advance to better equipment as you gain more experience.

It’s a comparatively straightforward gig to generate income from, and if you offer extras like pronunciations and script modifications, you could earn much more.

7. Business Planning

market research

It is not easy to launch your dream career.

To be effective, you should plan each facet of your corporate strategy carefully.

On Fiverr, you could easily find business planning experts who can help you create a plan based on your concept.

That said, these experts can ascertain an effective marketing plan, as well as your contenders, industry developments, and potential consumers.

This analysis is highly skilled and typically comes at a higher cost if the job is done correctly. 

8. Gigs For Product Demonstration Videos

Did you know?

Nowadays, many businesses find it hard to make their product demonstration videos, so they outsource them to Fiverr. 

That is where you might pitch in and seize the moment.

That said, you can easily make a lot of money on Fiverr if you know how to make these types of instructional videos. Sounds cool? 

Besides, it is also simple to create product demonstration videos.  Since, to structure your content, you need the right tools and some forethought.

For example, Camtasia is an excellent tool for editing your product demonstration video and making it appealing to buyers.


With more than 1k reviews and top-rating mostly positive by the clients from just about every significant country globally, this freelancer has what it takes to solve the puzzle that many newbies find hard in the beginning when using Fiverr. 

I will create a great unboxing or demo video of your product.

9. Generate Gigs On Email Marketing 

This form of marketing falls under the category of digital marketing.

And it is among the most popular commercial marketing strategies because it produces the greatest return on investment.

Once compared with other forms of marketing, the chances of gaining leads and sales are also high.

So, if you are a specialist in email marketing, you can split your service into different gigs to ensure you’re getting orders.


This South Asian email marketing gig creator on Fiverr has earned the reputation of being a top-end marketing guru, with more than 1500 reviews.

He has helped hundreds of clients with digital email marketing to promote their products and services. 

I will set up your Mailchimp email template or newsletters.

10. High-Quality Backlinks Gigs

TheseThese days, each business wants to be at the top of the search.

And one of the most significant aspects in achieving this is the formation of high-quality backlinks.

As a result, numerous companies employ expert freelancers to make quality links for their web pages.

As many people already offer services on Fiverr, not everyone has a strong reputation.

So, if you learn how to build quality backlinks, this could take a little time to build a positive Fiverr portfolio.

Nevertheless, when you reach the point where buyers start to believe your offerings, you have an excellent income ability.


Meet this freelancer from Pakistan, who has been the top-rated backlink expert for a long time now.

Besides, his reviews are primarily positive, and his gigs have been bought by clients from nearly all developing countries, making this freelancer the true definition of success.

I will do 101 high-quality comments backlinks.

11. Proofreading & Editing

Though proofreading and editing is a part of content writing, it has been a popular niche recently because the gap between buyers and service providers who set gigs online is getting narrower each day.


If you think your grammar skills are great and have an eagle’s eye for detail when it comes to identifying errors in the content, you are all set to post some thoroughly researched gigs and start making money. 

In brief, if you are good at identifying spelling, syntactic, punctuation, and grammar mistakes, Fiverr can be a fantastic spot for you to earn profit.

In other words, if you would like to attract more customers, the most innovative way you can provide a sample of your work so that the purchaser can understand more about your skills.

People require copy editors and proofreaders for different editing tasks. The demand for this is ever-growing.


This freelancer from the United States has been the most successful proofreader, her gigs generate much traffic, and she ends up earning a decent sum of money for a living.

That said, he is a highly decorated freelancer on Fiverr with more than 3K reviews, making her the top choice for most of the clients. 

I will be your professional proofreader and editor.

12. Create Gigs On Designing Book Covers

Since design is an independent discipline, there is no doubt that it has various facets and sub-niches regarding expertise and clients’ needs.

In a nutshell, if you have graphic design skills and are well-versed in creating fantastic book covers, you should try your hand on Fiverr as you may find some good clients to work for.

That is how you should be able to sell this service here at a reasonable price.

Besides, it is a fact that all you need are the right tools and skillset, and you’ll be able to earn money from it.

Because eBooks have become so popular, you would no longer need to print the book covers.


She is a Mecodian artist specializing in designing book covers, basically a graphic designer, with a sophisticated portfolio and range of decent gigs.

She is making serious money for a living, with most of the most reviews. 

I will design a professional book cover or ebook cover.

13 Make Gigs: Virtual Assistant Niche 

This is one of the best ways to work with people from all over the world. And the good news is that the demand for and popularity of such jobs is growing year after year.

How so? Well, simply because this category includes a wide range of jobs such as research, data entry, email creation, lesson planning, virtual computer repair and cleaning, and so on.

Seems like one of the bullet points in your resume? Then what are you waiting for? Create some gigs. 

In addition, a virtual assistant job is also in high demand on Fiverr because it is usually effortless and does not require any exceptional experience or education.

As a virtual assistant, you would be required to complete short tasks on websites to earn money by performing small tasks online. 

Note: this work is comparable to micro jobs and freelance projects and falls into the primary data entry category. 


An Indian virtual assistant who is an expert in data entry, one of the best in this line of work, he has gained thousands of reviews on his hundreds of completed jobs. 

I will do expert data entry work.

14. Site Testing And Maintenance 

Many people start a blog or website but are unsure if it is operating correctly.

As a result, they are looking for people who can test their website for things like navigation, on-page SEO, and so on.

Furthermore, many people want to update their apps but cannot keep up with the trends, so they require the services of people who can do it for them.

As a result, they pay people to do this for their website. You can use this on Fiverr if you have expertise in websites and how to create them.

In addition, the great news is that you do not even have to be a specialist; all you must do is share your experience and knowledge after using it and running tests on their website.

On a lighter note: it is an effortless and straightforward job that does not require technical knowledge.

You can earn a good living from it, and it also improves your skills as you learn new things with each test.


One of the best freelancers, with some of the coolest gigs with decent traffic and client response rate, he has made a career out of Fiverr and is all set to rule, especially in his respective niche. 

I will review and improve your website with ten tips.

15. Create Gigs On Teaching Languages 

Why not put your bilingualism to use and earn money from it? Fiverr offers a Gig in which you can teach any language online.

Besides, you can also sell short language courses that will benefit a large number of people.

Many students and people want to learn a new language for personal reasons or business purposes.

In addition, you can become that assistance and train people in the languages in which you are an expert.

You can earn hourly from this, so the more time you put in, the more money you’ll be able to make. As it depends on your skills and experience, you can earn at least $5 per hour of rest.


This American freelancer has one of my favorite gigs; he has learned the art of marketing his skills and converting them into a job that provides for him.

Think about it in the big picture. You can also teach your native language to the clients who want to learn. Hence, I suggest you make unique gigs like this one. 

I will teach you English online via skype to help you learn English.

To Conclude

I have just mentioned 16 gigs under a few significant categories since they can be more profitable than most.

But don’t lose hope if your resume does not contain any of these talents; all you need to do is try it out on Fiverr, and who knows, you might be able to earn more money than any of the gigs mentioned above.

Since, naturally, everyone possesses some of the other talents, all you need to do is discover them.

As a result, whatever skills or talents you possess, you should go ahead and select a Gig for yourself on Fiverr.

You would not only make money from it, but it would also boost your self-esteem.

So, before accepting any Gig, make sure you’re good at it and can handle any questions that may arise.

So, go ahead and set yourself apart from the crowd by showcasing your talent.

Best of luck!

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