3 Best Local SEO Tools and Software

best local seo tools and softwares

With search engines propagating regular updates to their search algorithms and the concepts of Search Engine Optimization evolving continuously, Local SEO has emerged to be more important today than it ever was.

Stats show that almost 46% of the total Google searches are aimed at finding local information.

And, a whopping 76% of these local searches lead to a same-day phone call.

Around 28% of individuals who initiate a local search from their mobile end up making a purchase.

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Now, these stats certainly show how important it has become for every business to maintain an effective online presence today.

Whether you are a small local business or a multinational chain with your operations spread all over the world, optimizing your business website so that it appears in local search results can be crucial for massive revenue gains.

Wondering how you can do that? Well, with all the efficient local SEO tools and software available today, it has become a lot easier to optimize your website for local search results.

You just need to use the right Local SEO tools and things will start looking simpler than ever.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your online content and presence to rank higher in search results for answers related to local searches.

The goal of location-based SEO is to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for searches that include geographic qualifiers, such as “Boston pizza” or “Seattle mechanics or Houston plastic surgeon.”

houston plastic surgery Google Search

Since potential customers are more likely to convert when they can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, Local SEO can be a valuable tool for driving sales and growing your business.

Top Tools To Invest In For Local SEO

You can achieve great results by combining your local SEO strategies with insights that you can get through the best local SEO tools.

To cut you the hassle, here we have shortlisted the 3 best SEO tools to help you with all your hassles.

1. SE Ranking

se ranking for local seo

SE Ranking is the leading SEO software that’s been preferred by agencies, SEO specialists, and business owners alike.

The tool allows you to track your keyword rankings, monitor your competitors, find any technical errors, and do a lot of other stuff that can impact your website’s SEO positively.

With this tool in your arsenal, you can perform SEO analysis and accurate location tracking. It can also help you with marketing plans, keyword suggestions, and some powerful reporting.

It’s a perfect choice for entrepreneurs, enterprises, agencies, and SMBs. Let’s have a quick look at some of the key features of SE Ranking software.

✅ Keyword Tracker

keyword tracker

The keyword rank tracker gives 100% accurate results by checking your keywords’ ranking in Google/Bing/Yahoo/YouTube for all devices and locations.

It also tracks Google Ads rankings, Google Maps results, and SERP features (videos, snippets, etc.)

Besides the keywords, SE Ranking allows you to keep track of your business and find your competitors to track them.

You can add a maximum of 5 competitors at a time and get a deep analysis report for their rankings as compared to yours. It also gives you insights into the first 100 SERPs so that you can better manage your rankings.

✅ Backlinks Explorer

Backlink Checker Spy on Competitors with our Backlink Finder

Using the backlinks explorer, you can analyze your website’s backlinks and see which of them are valid and which of them are not.

✅ Keyword Suggestion Tool

One of the most important aspects of SEO is keyword research and you need to be spot on with your keywords to get the desired results.

Using the Keyword Suggestion Tool of SE Ranking, you can find the best-performing keywords to rank your website for.

✅ Competitor SEO/PPC Research

SEO Competitor Analysis and Research Tool with PPC Insights

With this useful tool, you can get insights into the paid and organic traffic your competitors are getting.

✅ Website Audit

Website Audit Tool Site Audit Report to Check Technical SEO 1

SE ranking can be used for your website’s evaluation against all the major parameters including:

  • Technical Errors
  • Meta Tags & Headers
  • Website/Page Load Speeds
  • Image Analysis
  • Internal Links

Your comprehensive website audit report can give you a proper plan of action to address the problem areas and outperform your competitors.

In fact, there is a lot more to explore and you’ll realize the true value of the SE Ranking tool once you start using it.

With its reliability and versatility, it really makes an essential for SEO professionals whether they are interested in Local SEO or general SEO.

You can buy one of the several plans available for this tool ranging from $39 to $189 depending on your needs.

Opting for the low-budget alternative, you won’t be able to get access to API, white label reporting, and page changes monitoring.

If you want all that, go for a $189 per month plan which is still affordable compared to other options out there.

Signup now, and start enjoying all these great features to boost your local SEO!

2. Schema Pro

schema features
Features offered by Schema Pro.

The way your web pages appear in search results plays a very important part in increasing your CTR and you can best manage that through schema markup and rich snippets.

It can be a bit tricky, however, to add the schema markup appropriately so that Google could give your web pages the intended rich snippets. And, if you want to cut the hassle, Schema Pro could be a great investment.

It’s a WordPress plugin using which you could be able to create your schema markup without having to write any code whatsoever.

Let’s have a quick look at the key features of Schema Pro:

✅ Automatic Schema Markup

automatic schema markup

With Schema Pro you don’t have to set up schema separately for all the posts/pages on your website.

Instead, it allows you to set up schema markup configurations once and they’ll be applied automatically to the relevant posts/pages by the software.

✅ JSON-LD Output

Most of the free schema markup plugins available today force users to add a new box of content to their website front-end.

However, Schema Pro uses the Google-recommended JSON-LD format at the backend for adding schema.

✅ Custom Field Support

If you plan to use custom fields, you are in luck with Schema Pro as the plugin makes it pretty simple to map the schema markup to such fields.

That’s a big help when you’re playing with custom fields and adding the right tags to the schema markup is your top priority.

Besides these top three features of the Schema Pro plugin, its simple interface makes sure that you aren’t left clueless and everything goes seamlessly as you create your schema markup.

On top of that, it gives you 13 different schema types including local business, book, article, event, job posting, and more.

If you are targeting Local SEO, the local business schema would work best for you.

Finally, let’s talk a little about pricing. Schema Pro doesn’t really come with a hefty price tag and gives you two options to choose from i.e. Annual Pricing and Lifetime Pricing.

With the Annual Pricing model, you get to pay $79 ($55 for now) for the Schema Pro plugin and $249 for the complete Agency Bundle.

With Lifetime Pricing, you get Schema Pro for a one-time fee of $249 and the Agency Bundle for $699. Either way, it’s pretty affordable. The choice is yours!

schema review
What do users say about Schema?

Sign up now, and get the discounted price for the Schema Pro plugin!

3. BrightLocal SEO

Just as the name suggests, this one is tailor-made for local SEO and comes with kind of an all-inclusive local SEO feature that allows you to audit, monitor, and optimize your web pages for the local search results.

With the Brightlocal SEO tool, you can easily analyze the performance data of your website including local, mobile, and organic search rankings, customer reviews, local business listings, Google My Business insights, social media interactions, and Google Analytics data.

Brightlocal SEO lets you do a lot of things for cleaning and building your online reputation.

In addition, it gives you some serious insights to help boost the local SEO for your business website. The key features of this tool include:

✅ Local Citations Monitoring

With Brightlocal, you can local and monitor any existing citations around the web.

The tool gives you a detailed NAP audit (name, address, phone) and presents you citation opportunities for giving a boost to your local rankings by closely monitoring your competitors.

✅ Monitor Online Reviews

The tool allows you to keep an eye on reviews across the top twenty websites including Facebook, Yelp, GMB, Foursquare, and Tripadvisor. By managing and generating customer feedback across these key platforms, you can build your reputation online.

✅ Audit GMB

Brightlocal SEO tool gives you a quick, detailed audit report of the GMB listings allowing you to analyze your Google My Business data, follow the changes, and set performance benchmarks against the competitors.

GMB audit tool brightlocal
Analysing your business becomes easy.

✅ Local SEO Audit

The tool also generates detailed local SEO audit reports to give you all the information you need on local SEO metrics, take care of any issues, and perform better.

✅ Track Search Rankings

Brightlocal allows you to track hundreds of different keywords you want to rank for across Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

✅ White-Label Reporting

It also allows users to easily use the client reporting system using a customizable dashboard.

✅ Citations Cleaning and Build-up

The folks at Bright Local manually fix citations and build them across more than 1400 websites.

With all those great features on offer, you don’t have to worry about the pricing either. For starters, you only have to pay $29 per month to be able to monitor business performance across 3 different locations.

However, there are more higher-end options available as well for $49 and $79 per month adding support for a maximum of 100 locations.

Besides, you can always get your custom package designed as well depending on the services you need.

So, make up your mind and see what package best suits your needs. Sign up now and enjoy all the great benefits to give a boost to your local SEO!

With these local SEO tools in your arsenal, you are definitely up for a great performance. You’ll have a bird’s-eye view of all the major SEO metrics and can plan things much better to reap great results.

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