10 Best Remote Jobs That Actually Make Money In 2022

A remote job is ideal if you want the flexibility to work from anywhere globally.

Since there are many advantages to using a remote workforce, more and more businesses are offering remote work opportunities.

You may find remote work that suits your talents and interests among the many that now exist.

There are a few things to consider if you want to apply for a job that you can do remotely. Before anything else, it’s crucial that you highlight your independence and organizational skills. Self-motivation is essential in remote work.

You need to develop a consistency that you can maintain even when no one’s watching and you’re on your own. Next, you should keep handy a record of successful remote projects you completed in the past and emphasize these previous successes in your application.

This will be proof of your capabilities and will show your target employers how well you can manage such responsibilities even while working remotely.

Now, talking about the reasons that convince people to seek remote job options, Flexjobs has done a great job representing in it the form of this graph.

Graph showing reasons why people seek flexible remote jobs

Listed below are the best remote jobs that will make money in 2022.

1. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are in demand because of the importance of a company’s or organization’s online presence in today’s business climate.

They engage with consumers and provide promotional material for the business.

There are several ways in which the role of a Social Media Manager contributes to a company’s bottom line. In fact, the infographic below presents various reasons why it has become essential to employ good social media managers.

Reasons why companies are hiring more social media managers

It should be no surprise that marketing and advertising are the primary means through which Social Media Managers generate revenue for their employers.

They utilize it to disseminate materials that would be of interest to their target audience. If more people become aware of the firm, they could be more likely to purchase.

Building rapport with consumers is another revenue stream for social media managers. By addressing customer feedback, they win over devoted customers.

This may result in repeat business from satisfied clients and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Finally, Social Media Managers may benefit a company’s bottom line by cutting costs elsewhere. One way they may achieve this is by investigating and fixing any problems their customers may have had.

Legal trouble and public ridicule may be sidestepped in this way for many firms.

To sum up, the role of a Social Media Manager is crucial since it provides several avenues for increased profit for firms. For continued growth and survival, companies will need the services of Social Media Managers.

2. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Search engine optimization SEO experts will be in high demand as the world continues to migrate online.

Businesses need to increase their online presence by 2022 to reach their target audiences, driving demand for these specialists.

The actual compensation of a search engine optimization SEO expert might vary based on factors such as their level of expertise and where they work; however, in the United States, the median income is now close to $60,000.

A quick look at the picture will tell you how the global salary trends of SEO specialists are quite close to the ones in the United States.

Global SEO specialist salary trends

In line with the anticipated growth in need for these experts over the future years, salary levels are predicted to rise.

SEO specialists get a basic salary and campaign incentives. Employees might get a bonus for improving a company’s search engine results.

Search engine optimization experts may get a commission if they move a client’s website from second to first on the second page of results.

Commissions are generally between five and ten percent of the project budget. However, this might vary from company to business.

This indicates that an SEO expert may make an extra $500-$1,000 on a project with a $10,000 budget.

money meme

Search Engine Optimization Specialists are in high demand, and for a good reason: They can make much money doing what they do in 2022.

3. Pay-Per-Click Manager 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has become more popular for companies to attract new clients online.

Managers of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) are in charge of developing and supervising these kinds of initiatives. 

In 2022, companies will continue to pour money into online advertising, creating a significant need for PPC managers.

A PPC manager may make a solid living with the proper combination of skills and expertise. 

A PPC manager’s job is to develop and oversee companies’ pay-per-click advertising strategies. They are responsible for keyword analysis, writing ads, and monitoring performance. The whole process integrates multiple steps, an overview of which is shown clearly in this graphic.

Work process of a PPC manager includes multiple steps

Managers of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns need financial acumen and an awareness of how to maximize ROI. 

PPC managers need solid analytic and interpersonal abilities to do their jobs well. They need imaginative problem-solving and innovative thinking skills. 

Managers of pay-per-click campaigns need to be able to keep calm under stress and complete tasks on time. They need to be self-starters who can get things done without being micromanaged. 

In 2022, there will be a significant need for PPC managers with the requisite expertise and experience.

Those skilled at managing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts. 

4. Email Marketing Manager 

Email marketing has thrived since the internet’s inception. Email marketing is predicted to gain popularity and efficacy in the future years. This elevates email marketing manager roles. 

Email marketing managers handle corporate or client email marketing programs. Planned, executed, and evaluated email marketing programs. Email marketing best practices, campaign management, and outcomes measurement are required. 

Email marketing is quite effective. It offers one of the highest ROIs of all marketing mediums. Email marketing manager positions will be in demand in the future. 

Even so, a research campaign by Litmus shows that email marketing endeavors can expect an average return of around 36 times!

ROI on email marketing is one of the highest among all mediums.

Email marketing drives money too. Businesses worldwide will earn $293 billion from email marketing in 2022. Email marketing manager roles are crucial for revenue-boosting firms. 

Email marketing manager positions are challenging and lucrative. In the following years, email marketing managers will be in great demand due to their revenue-generating potential 

5. Content Marketing Manager 

As a content marketing manager, one of your main jobs will be to produce and oversee promotional material for a company’s goods and services. The purpose of your content is to attract potential customers and close transactions. 

Content marketers can bring in more revenue in the form of new customers.

This requires in-depth knowledge of your target market. Know the state of content marketing. 2022 marketing success depends on content marketing. Content marketing managers will be in high demand. 

Businesses will seek out educators and entertainers. They will also need help measuring content marketing success. You can command high wages with these skills. Content marketing managers will earn $100k by 2022. 

6. Web Designer 

Web design is predicted to gain popularity and demand. In 2022, top web designers will earn well in a competitive work market. The median web designer’s income is likely to drop. 

Web design is anticipated to expand for many reasons. First, more firms will go online. To stay competitive, companies will need high-quality web design. Mobile devices and social media will also influence web design. 

This is what WebFX has to say about the importance of web design in today’s highly digitalized world.

High-quality web design is necessary for businesses trying to build a strong online presence.

Web designer wages rise with demand. In 2022, the highest earners will make a good living, but the median pay will be lower due to rising employment competitiveness. Web designers are well-compensated. 

7. App Developer 

2022’s app developers will make money selling apps. Software developers can earn six figures in the booming app economy.

App developers must create apps people want to use to make money in this industry. They must also promote their apps to get downloads. 

App industry profits are varied. They can charge directly or offer free apps with in-app purchases. Advertising may boost revenue. Apps are one way the advertising industry is looking for new ways to reach consumers. 

App developers must be innovative and have an eye for what’s new. They must work hard and persevere. Differentiation is critical in the competitive app development industry. 

8. Web Developer

Web developers are expected to expand by 22% by 2028. That’s faster than employment growth overall. Web developers earned $69,430 in 2018.

Many factors await this growth. Due to increased internet engagement, web developers are needed. There’s an array of roles one can take up in the web development industry and this graph by UT Austin Boot Camps pictures the demand for each such role quite clearly.

Various in-demand roles the web development industry

Companies require websites since customers and the public utilize the internet more. Second, mobile web browsing has increased. This necessitates mobile-friendly website programmers. Third, more individuals require websites as social media grows.

As more organizations use social media to reach their customers, web developers that can integrate it are in demand. 

9. Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist 

Before delving right into the pros of this career choice, let’s brush up on what exactly Conversion Rate Optimization is. Oberlo explains it as follows.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization

You may accomplish this by conducting an A/B test to determine which webpage variant performs better and then making adjustments depending on the results.

In addition, you should always be aware of the most up-to-date methods and best practices for conversion rate optimization. 

It is expected that the need for specialists in conversion rate optimization will increase over the next few years as more and more organizations realize the value of a highly effective online presence.

It is predicted that by 2022, the Conversion Rate Optimization market will be worth $1 billion. 

10. Blogger 

In 2022, many people will likely be looking for careers as bloggers. The proliferation of online and social media platforms is to blame.

As a result, more and more companies will look to bloggers to spread the word about their wares. Therefore, by 2022, bloggers adept at promoting themselves and their blogs should be able to do well financially. 

This comprehensive map by Gathering Dreams enlists about 50 ways by which one may monetize their blog.

Multiple ways bloggers use to make money

Making money as a blogger requires producing unique, high-quality material that readers will find engaging and instructive. Furthermore, they need to focus on growing a dedicated fan base on various social media platforms. In 2022, bloggers who can perform these things effectively should earn a fair livelihood from their writing. 


In 2022, there will be a wide variety of lucrative work that may be done from home. These positions may be located via internet research or by contacting businesses directly. Most of these positions pay well and provide excellent perks. Numerous lesser-known occupations exist, too, and they pay handsomely. Find the most ideal match for your remote work needs by investigating your possibilities and contracting firms. 

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