10 Best Video Editing Software (Advanced and Beginner-friendly)

Mastering the Art of Video Editing

Did you know online video consumption increased by 96% in 2020, and video content is 1200% more effective than other content? Yes, you hear that right 1200%. The list of videos and their increasing popularity can go on and on…

The gist is that long gone are the days when words were the only form of content you could rely on. Be it in marketing, entertainment, fashion, or the corporate world; videography has skyrocketed. 87% of professionals feel that videos lead to more traffic and growth.


However, a video is nothing without editing. A video having exceptional content but poor editing won’t benefit you much. Video editing is the final stage in videography and yet the most crucial one. 

You will find search engines filled with questions like why is video editing essential and how to edit videos? This is because to create slick and magnetic videos, you need it to be perfect post-production, not just pre-production.

This article will break all the aspects of video editing for you. So without further ado, let’s begin:

Editing is the Essence Of Video

To explain how important editing is, let us ask you, what is Instagram without filters? What is Facebook without posts? Doesn’t makes sense, right? So this is what videos are without editing.

You cannot craft a flawless video until you edit it at the end. Even with a professional cameraman and excellent direction, your video can turn into a mess if there is no editor to hold the masterpiece together. 

To make you understand the significance of editing, here are 5 reasons why video editing is of utmost importance:

  • Editing helps you get the perfect flow without having to re-shoot.
  • It allows trimming of irrelevant sections so that you can cut your way to success
  • The overall quality of visuals such as lightning, exposure, and speed can be improved
  • The reviewing of everything post-production ensures that the end-user experience is enhanced.
  • Editing can lead to better conveying of messages as it complements the overall content
  • Video editing allows smoother transition so that viewers can swiftly shift from one scene to another.

No Experience: No Worries

Not an expert? Dont have an editing studio or experience? Can’t afford a bona fide editor?

It’s alright! You are not alone…

Many people are worried as their low budget doesn’t allow them to hire a pro editor. So can they do the editing themselves without any prior experience?

The answer is yes. If it’s a small project, why not do it yourself! You can churn out a pretty sophisticated and sleek video regardless of the experience if you have the right software at your disposal.

Video editing is an art you can learn yourself as there are many video editing tools in the market! The best tools are not only for professionals. Even beginners can use them without experience as most of the features in these tools are self-explanatory. 

Moreover, you can learn how to use the different tool by watching their video tutorials. The internet is full of them, and you can experiment on the go until you find the perfect fit. You can keep your video content ahead of the curve by practicing.

Note: Remember this is for small projects only. If you have a big-budget video, then don’t take the risk of experimenting without experience.

Free Video Editor: The Knight in Shining Armour?

Are free editing tools worth the hype? Can they help you raise your videography game?

Well, the answer is not a straight yes. It all depends on the purpose of your video. If you are creating YouTube videos or short clips for social media, you will find free software satisfactory. 

They provide all the basic editing features and can help you impress your viewers. So, it will be overkill to spend money on complex software here.

However, if the level of sophistication required is high, you should go for paid tools. Anyone who works in the TV, movie, or big corporations, shouldn’t just rely on free-editing. You can use it as a stepping stone, but the final product will require a top-level app.

You cannot expect free software to provide the same features as advanced ones.

Even though they are suitable for newbies and amateurs, if you want to pursue editing as a career, then go for professional apps. The best tools usually require a monthly subscription. (more on it below)

Becoming a Pro Video Editor via Editing Tools

As mentioned above, video editing has become essential in today’s digital era. The profession is creatively fulfilling and pays well.

The best part is you can become a pro editor from your home. Thank to the internet, the doors to video editing are wide open, and now anyone can become an editor if they have access to the best tools.

Here is how you can become a video editing guru without any formal education: 

  • Understand the importance of aesthetics 
  • Excel at storytelling,
  • Be focused and have an eye for detail
  • Grab the best video editing software
  • Practice, practice, and practice
  • Experiment and improve
  • Keep up with market trends

Choosing the Best Video Editor

However, with soo many tools in the market and even more making their way, it can be challenging and confusing to pick the right tool. You must keep numerous things in mind before landing on the perfect one. Moreover, you have to ensure that you remain within your budget while going for paid tools. It can be enticing to go for hardcore high-end apps, but sometimes they aren’t worth it.

We have listed 5 features we believe any good video editing tool should have. Before investing your money and efforts in software, make sure that it has these features:

5 Key Features of an Optimal Video Editing software

  1. User experience: The tool should be easy to use with the fluid operation and straightforward instruction. Tutorials and templates are bonuses.
  2. Powerful editing features: It should have the qualities you value the most. For example, if you are into drone footage, look for chroma and sophisticated features like 360-degree editing.
  3. Customer Support: A customer care option is always appreciated. Usually, it comes with paid tools and is helpful if you are new to editing.
  4. Export options: The tool should be capable of producing high-quality output in popular formats. In addition, there should be in-built options to upload the results directly on social platforms and export them.
  5. Compatibility: Some tools are only available on specific devices. So before investing in software, check its requirements to ensure it works on the device you have or plan to use for video editing. 

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premier video editor min 1

Perhaps the most straightforward editor out there. It has a high degree of user-friendliness and some advanced features that can boost up your videos/photos in ways that you could not imagine.  

If you are using any other platform, worry not. Adobe is there for you since it is available cross-platform. 

Another cool part about Adobe is that it uses artificial intelligence to perform edits, reducing the human workload.

It can support 4k, and new updates are coming in continuously.

It’s the most used video editing software for pros in the industry, but a beginner can get the hang of it. So, if you’re serious about your videos, maybe Adobe Premiere Pro is the right call for you.

However, one of the downsides of Adobe is that it can’t perform features such as 360-degree editing. But keeping in mind the various features that Adobe provides, it is the best editor out there. 

While it may not be as cheap as the other software out there – don’t let that become the reason you don’t buy Adobe. It will be very worthwhile your money if you learn it like it’s meant to be. 

2. CyberLink PowerDirector 365


For quite a while, CyberLink was just available for windows. But finally, it’s on IOS too. This feature attracts a lot of IOS users to opt for CyberLink.

When it comes to rendering and previewing, it is probably the “smartest” software out there. 

There are many features such as Track Naming, Motion Tracker, Motion Graphics in Titles, Color Match. 

It can handle new HD formats such as DTS audio, 4k HD, and many more.

While Cyberlink may not be as advanced as Adobe Premiere Pro, it still offers way more flexibility. Keeping all of this in mind and seeing the interface and the quality of edits CyberLink provides is for sure one of the best editing software. 

3. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate


Corel has been competing with Adobe Premiere Pro for the best video editing software out there for a long time. It hasn’t surpassed that milestone. However, it may be very close. 

Containing one of the simplest yet elegantly designed interfaces in the business, users can easily navigate it.

They can find helpful information such as tutorials, templates, guides, and videos. There are three overview options in the interface – Edit, Capture, and Share. 

These are further organized into four primary panels – Library, Options, Preview, and Timeline.

Corel can be easily read by any beginner out there, but it remains a mighty editor. Simple videos can be well-organized without the hassle of complex things.

It has many tools, from 4k support to 360-degree editing – to beat Adobe in that matter.

Other than that, its beginner’s packages are excellent. 

Unfortunately, it is just limited to windows only and doesn’t support other operating systems. 

4. Apple iMovie


You probably guessed it from the name; It is only available for Mac.

It does not support windows; hence fewer people tend to use it, but it is trendy on IOS. It is suitable for professional as well as novice filmmakers. 

The support that comes with this editor is fantastic. Apple devices contain iMovie guides on apple websites. There is also a troubleshooting guide to everyday problems. 

If you can’t find your answer, the community support is quick to respond, and even a face-to-face interaction is swift on the internet to solve your issue. 

One of the best features of Apple iMovie is for those Apple fans out there. If you happen to have a Mac as well as an Ipad/iPhone – you are in for a treat.

You can easily link it with all your devices. If you happen to be working on a project, you can shift to your Ipad and continue there. 

There are new features such as soundtracks and comic book filters, giving amateur videographers a chance to create movies like their loved ones.

However, serious editors may want to move onto software with a broader range in post-production. 

5. HitFilm Express


Who doesn’t love free things? You would be happy to know that HitFilm is free to start, rare among editing software. 

But that does not mean it compromises quality. It is in league with platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro. 

It has a range of features, including 4k video support, a plethora of special effects, and 360-degree editing. 

These features are the same as many of the top-tier software. 

The problem with Hitfilm comes down to its system resources – it won’t work on weak computers. The add-ons are also paid such as 360-degree text and other visual effects.

So, if your budget is tight and you don’t require advanced functions, we suggest you try HitFilm. 

But if you are more of a professional video editor using a range of complex features, another editor may be more suitable for you.

Best video editing software for beginners

Video editing can be a scary aspect for some people. Along with the uncertainties that a newbie video editor experiences – it can be quite a challenge. With the demand for video editing increasing every day due to increasing YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platform users, the industry is booming.

Here’s a fun fact for you; more people spend time watching videos than reading any texts or photos.

More than 85% of USA’s internet users watch online videos daily. They are the simplest form of content to absorb because:

  • It is easier to understand them due to body language.
  • You can easily engage with your viewers and share your ideas.

Whether you want to make your videos or are just a casual person looking to edit some holiday cringe videos, you are going to need these video editors.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the top beginner-friendly video editing software. The best thing about them?

You don’t need to be a tech geek or buy any courses to get started. It can’t get easier than that.

1. Shortcut

shortcut video editing software

An amazing free video editing software that can work on OS X, Windows, and Linux.

The shortcut follows the same principles as its expensive analogs – the video and audio fragments are placed on the timeline and the effects are applied. The results are then converted into a video file.

Initially, Shortcut was designed for Linux, but then after a few years, they decided to create versions for PC and IOS, which is why the interface is a bit strange.

They have many easy features, for example, you can drag a file to import it. It is a very good well-rounded video editor.

Many cheaper/free alternatives can leave a lot out, adding veracity to the old saying that “you get what you pay for”. 

However, Shortcut bucks that trend. While there are a few annoying glitches and design decisions, it’s still an amazing option.


  • A customizable menu
  • A wide array of filters and modification features
  • A high mobility of tasks.
  • Multiple monitors configuration.


  • Previewing the filters is not possible.

2. Lightworks

why lightworks

Lightworks is an unfastened software program option for video modifying equipment.

The program works on multiple platforms like macOS, Linux, and Windows. It is a super-platform for digicam operators, editors, sound engineers, bloggers, and many more.

It can be used in advertising and for private functions, for growing home video archives, and filling social networks.

Lightworks is a super choice for small or no-budget initiatives. You could import and render your pictures in the background, drag editing windows around, and set custom keyboard shortcuts to simplify your running system.

If you are looking for software that has all in all everything but very little difficulty in managing it – Lightworks is the perfect choice for you.


  • Cross-platform facility.
  • Can perform 3D video editing.        
  • Offers multichannel support.
  • It also contains the feature to edit and crop the timeline.
what users say about lightworks


The editor management system is hard to understand.

3. Final cut Pro

finalcut pro

Apple has designed these audio and video files on the Mac OS. The user interface is very similar to iMovie. It has a wide variety of effects, video, audio, transitions, titles, effects, and you can also add additional ones.

You can combine and upload them to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo, as well as a wide range of output video formats.

It costs $ 300, which seems to be quite a hefty amount, but the software is packed with lots of exciting features so it is worth it. You can use color-code for identification, group video, etc.

You can add audio and title effect to your footage. While it may be a little harder to understand than our other editors, Final Cut Pro is for sure worth your time and money.


  • The high-resolution output of the projects.
  • The availability of the library, with the ability to create a keyboard collection.
  • Ability to preview the results of a particular effect, without having to modify the file.
  • Zoom effect with no loss of image quality.
  • Format flexibility.


  • It is very expensive.

4. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is an excellent alternative to Windows Movie Maker that provides everything you need to make your video content.

With it, you can easily create a professional video or a film in a variety of visual and audio effects, including filters, transitions, overlays, custom labels, and elements, etc.

filmora offers 800 features

They also come with Filmora Go, which is designed for mobile editing, and  Filmora Scrn, which allows you to capture and edit video from your screen. This is a very useful tool for YouTubers that help guide other people through their video tutorials.


  • Support for various formats.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • The sound effects and Music library.
  • 4K support.


  • There will be a watermark on all your videos in the free version. This can be removed when you upgrade to a higher version.

5. Blender

This is a free tool that is used primarily for 3-d graphics.

Thanks to the cross-platform, open-source code, and the accessibility and functionality of the package – it has grown to become one of the most popular, not only for beginners as well as professional 3D modelers.

Video editing is not the most important feature of this app, but it’s a powerful thing. Blender works very well on Mac, PC, and Linux.

However, it is in absence of control when it comes to the export of the video, and the file type of service. It also does not offer a high range of features for video editing.


  • The detailed and intuitive timeline.
  • The Audio mix.
  • Lots of great transitions, and filters.
  • Affordable price.


  • A number of issues with the syncing of the audio and video.

Summing Up: The Best Video Editors In 2022

No doubt, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but no one size fits all.

While every video editor mentioned aims, at its core, to make your life easier, each one boasts of unique features. So, you can pick the one that suits you and your needs best, and produce mind-boggling videos or movies.

Words of Wisdom (Videodom)

Before we leave you on your Video editing journey, let us impart one last piece of advice. Remember, video editing is not a stagnant process.

With continuous technological advancements, you cannot expect the trend to remain the same. Moreover, the ways of crafting and editing videos continue to develop as well. 

So, once you have found the best software, dont just rely on it. Keep an eye on new upcoming tools too. You never know when something better will pop up.

With videos becoming the epicenter of many businesses, video editing has evolved into a full-fledged industry. Therefore get the right tools and learn the skills to join this budding industry now.

Have an excellent time editing, and may your videos come out sleek and fresh!

Also, do tell us which video editing software caught your eye, though!

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