Can Blogging Make You Money | Can Your Really Make Money Blogging?

Can Bloggers Really Make Money?

Treat Blogging as another way of expressing one’s self in the sea of copycats available in the world. People like to listen to opinions and then form their own.

People like to resonate with someone regarding a particular topic to see how many people feel the same way.

People like to talk and have an opinion, in short. Thus, blogging too is highly appreciated in this digital world and what is appreciated will always be encouraged and what is encouraged will always be paid.

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Bloggers do make money and they make a lot at it. There are so many ways to generate revenue through blogging and this we can discuss later.

But, lets just talk about few of the bloggers who have made it in this industry and are actually doing great with it.

Arianna Huffington, started her work as a commentary on the social affair and named it the Huffington Post, which is now revered as a news outlet and known as the HuffPost.

Neil Patel, with a lot of jobs under his belt, his knowledge about Software along with his great experience in Marketing got him the title of one of the very top influencers available on the web by our very own Wall Street Journal.

Christene Barberich, the co-owner of Refinery29 has made it big in this world as well and there is no doubt that blogging too can make you a lot of money.

How Much Money Does A Blogger Make?

Man making money by blogging

A blogger’s “payslip” is not bound by the hours they have put into the work, but in also the popularity of the product they are generating and also in that of the Ads they are attracting.

There is so much more that goes into a Blogger’s pay, but it can be estimated that a blogger can roughly make around $45,000 on an average per year.

This number can vary based on the article you are creating and also on the marketing that has been put on the article and the number of people willing to invest on your site. Let’s break it down a little:

➤At the onset of your blog it can be estimated that you will be roughly making around $30,000-$50,000 considering a number of factors like establishing a website, finding your niche, understanding the market, working on SEO and keywords and so on and so forth.

But, as is obvious while you are in this section of your blogging, you are likely to make less as you are just trying to get your brand established. The pay will e slow but do not lose focus, as consistence is key.

➤$70-80K should be your revenue generation, possibly, by the second year, considering that you have attracted enough traffic to your account.

➤By the third year it is expected that you will be making around $100,000, because at this point it is expected that you have worked around the different monetization methods and thus, you have settled in with what works best for you and thus, you are somewhat of an established brand working to build a larger client/reader base through honing in on the topics of your choice.

➤By the fourth year, $200,000 should be the revenue you have generated as now your blog has become a company with hired helps and also people to gauge the market and work towards building an ecosystem of great bloggers making it big in the world of blogging.

Okay, it should be noted that these are numbers based on preliminary market research and there are several bloggers who have made a lot more or a lot less compared to the numbers mentioned in the list.

This is because of the market and the readership, the topics and also the kind of engagement that you are creating.

By making any less than the expected numbers, it does not justify that you are not accomplished, as growth can be slow but the readership should grow exponentially for you to be benefitted later on.

The amount of money you can make depends on the size of your audience, as well as your targeted demographic. This Ultimate Guide to Blogging Income by Ryan Robinson gives you a better idea on how to set the right expectations for your blog income.

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Is Blogging A Good Way to Make Money?

Let start with the understanding of why blogging seems like something that people will pay to read. Why do we read news?

We read news because it gives a sense of familiarity, the understanding of the world around us, understanding the current economy and the sociological impact of several events on the world due to several scenarios.

What will happen if we read about these things?

Well, at some level we can create awareness, provide insight, or just be aware to name a few things, but at the end of the day when we read an article that reassures our believes to that what is written on the article itself, we feel validated.

Furthermore, the news becomes like a topic of conversation for all of us. We discuss about it further and understand who we are surrounded by and become more socially aware.

Likewise, blog creates a sense of awareness and also is something that provides validation while being an absolutely delightful conversation starter.

The ease of reach of a blog and the constant availability makes it much more approachable, and with people thirsty for knowledge makes it marketable.

Anything that can be marketed can be made money with and the minute you start printing that money, you generate revenue for your account.

It is stated that travel bloggers can make around $63,195 per year, food bloggers can make $41, 058, beauty bloggers can make $43, 800 and fashion bloggers can make $37, 534 per annum.

These are all rough estimates yet, these are based on real life bloggers making real life money and then going on to creating an empire for themselves.

How Do I Start A Blog And Make Money?

Pick a niche, understand the market demand – The most important thing to write a blog on, is what you are the most knowledgeable about or you feel deeply for.

If you would feel deeply for something there will be a lot of emotional investment and this will help readers to connect with the blog that you are writing.

What is key while writing a blog is to make sure that you attract the right kind of people as readers who will then influence people they know to come read your blog, thereby creating a chain of readership.

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Niche is of utmost importance as this will make the internet understand where to place you in this business.

For instance, if you are writing things related to software you will fall under the technical category, while if you write about food then you will be placed under the food and beverage category and if you are an influencer then such will be your placement.

This will also help your readers to know the depth of the content and understand what you stand for, making it easier for them to stick by.

Build a BlogThis is the part where you plan strategically.

Building a blog will be the exact thing to attract your readership and them to keep being a permanent member of your community.

Remember, the article will be read much later, but the landing page will be the first thing to impress the readers. The Blog should be crisp, clear and also designed in a reader friendly way.

You can use sites like WordPress to write on something and also create a website without formal knowledge of website development. You can always work with the plugins available and then learn as you go.

The Blog site is what will make it or break it, because you have that one chance of Brand Building, at the very onset of the Blog launch.

Write ArticlesThe only thing to remember while building a blog is to not make it heavy and to give the readers a breathing space.

Do not write in lengthy, complex sentences as those are the most difficult to read. Crisp, short, yet effective sentences leave an impact on the readers.

Articles coming from the heart and mind will have longer readerships than what has been churned through the internet.

When researching on a topic, make sure that you are not directly influenced by the content you read or hear, rather create an opinion about it and then make sure to write on it. This way you will avoid chances of plagiarism.

Optimize the articleOptimizing an article is important so you stand apart from the hundreds of data available on the internet on a particular topic.

By optimizing an article, you do not have to change the idea of the article, or create a whole new marketing gimmick, but all you have to do is utilize what you are working with and place few things very strategically.

For instance, you can find a particular keyword of your liking and make sure to place the keyword, word by word and space them throughout the article. Use the keyword in the title and keep the title crisp, readable and extremely catchy.

Make sure that the first use of keyword is placed within the very first 65 characters, so that it is easier for the system to read and place your article accordingly

Generate traffic- The traffic generation is part organic and part marketing and the marketing we are talking about does not need any formal education.

See, a content will always reach its target audience if they are specifically looking for it, but how do you ensure that you have left no stones unturned when it comes to pushing the article to the right people?

Generate an email list for the people who are searching for such content and create email campaigns for them.

Make sure to use a shareable link so that the article can be shared among people and it is convenient to do so.

Boost all the important posts available to you with all the internal links and also always use social media to market the presence of your article.

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Monetize the traffic- You can monetize the blog through so many ways, once you have the required traffic, you can always create ads for the blog.

The more ads are visible for the readers to watch, the more you can monetize your articles. Affiliate marketing is another way to generate revenue for your blog.

By affiliate marketing, you are adding links of product or placement recommendations of other companies or websites through your own blogs.

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Offering products in their physical or digital form through your blog and this will make the company to pay you for views of their product. These are a few ways to monetize the traffic you have earned.

How Do I Start A Blog with No Money?

When you are creating a blog, you do not need money, you need a concept, an idea.

You need to build on the idea that you have and you have to create an article with a title that catches the eyes of the readers.

Now, it comes to the part where you have to create a blog because just like everything you have a product to sell, and the product is your concept capsulized in the form of a website of a blog.

In order to be able to do that, you can always work with multiple free hosting websites like WordPress, Wix, WordPress, Medium, Ghost, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Blogger.

Most of these websites have paid partnerships as well as free plugins to help you make a site that you can upgrade as per your need and as you would want.

It’s a easy way for one to learn as they go and all it takes is a little bit of research and a lot of patience and quick thinking to change with the need of the market and you are set.

Is Blogging A Good Career?

Blogging as we have already established, is a great career.

You need patience to create a loyal base, but, once you have your traffic and you have companies working with you, you will be generating revenue constantly and continuously.

You get to do what you love at the comfort of your home

Blogging comes with a lot of benefits and that involves writing on topics that you are truly passionate about.

This is the field where it is encouraged that you actually write what you like and whatever makes you passionate as this will resonate with the readers and the more people connect to you, the better it is.

You can even work remotely and literally from anywhere in the world as a blogger because there is no restriction to the location.

Blogging opens avenues

With blogging, you are not just a blogger.

You have to learn how to advertise, you have to learn how to market your blog, you have to ideate and conceptualise what the market wants and how you would want to place your product and most importantly you will have to know how to sell your blog so that you can make money through readership and affiliate links and marketing as well.

Thus, you cannot be bound by simple tasks as this requires you to constantly hone your skills and keeps opening newer avenues.

In fact, if you have an opinion or product based business, you can always end up in the retail market with your own merchandise or franchise based on the business model and what you are writing about.

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So, you keep making money at all times.

Money is always involved

Blogging will always yield money as long as you know what is working and who you can work with.

If you can figure out the market of blogging and understand the nuances of a keyword search, figure out how SEO works, the views will come flowing towards your blog and then you will have to start working with companies and the best part with companies is that there are so many companies/brands/agencies trying to push their products to a certain client base that you will never run out of options.

Building websites

You will be a website “developer” once you have a blog up and running and its super easy. So, from one blog, now you have the skills to handle anything digitally inclined because you will be building your skills every day.

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You will not have to be answerable to anything or anyone when it comes to the website of the blog as it will be your own to handle and work with.

You are never truly restricted to one thing– The thing about blogs is that you are never truly restricted to one thing.

You will always have a lot of things you can write about. You can even turn your skills for photography into a blog or make a photo journal out of your blog.

This world is limitless, and there is no one stopping you from expressing yourself in any capacity.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging from WordPress?

As we have stated previously, the hosting website does not matter, what matters is what you are writing and how you are placing and marketing the blog.

You can always make anywhere around $1000-$5000 and it all depends on the methods that you use.

WordPress is truly amazing and there are dedicate bloggers and readers who are serious about what they write and what they read.

So with the traffic coming in, you having to market this traffic wont be a very difficult task.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging with AdSense?

The payment is variable again, there are multiple factors dependent on how much money you will be making off of AdSense.

But, if we have to quantify to a number, it will probably come up to $0.5-$2.5 per 1000 words for your blog.

You can always research on the specific location and by putting the specifications of your blog into Google to check the definitive number.

How Soon Can I Make Money from Blogging?

There is no straight answer for this. You can start making money based on the readership that you gather.

It will always, heavily, depend on what you are writing about, how you intend on placing it and how crisp and captivating your article is.

Plus, what will also be important is the marketing and monetizing methods that you choose.

We can speak in estimates and say that you “will make so and so” but it always depends on the time you put and the research that you do.

Just remember consistence is key. Check what other blog sites are utilization, the time they are posting, the marketing strategy they using and find a common ground for yourself and build from there.

How Blogging Makes You Money?

There are few things that we have discussed already as to how you can make money and here are a few in-depth choices you can make:

  • Affiliate Links- By adding affiliate links you are marketing other products and thus generating a revenue from other companies as you are showcasing their products.
  • Training and Coaching- If you blog involves lifestyle coaching or training or any service-based work, you can always make money off of the blog.
  • Subscription- Subscriptions generate revenue monthly or yearly based on the subscription type chosen by the customer and offered by you.
  • AdSense- Targeted ad generated for your blog type making sure that you make money while ads are being placed so that customers can view the products or the business for their perusal.

ways to make money blogging

Can Blogging Make You Rich?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is- if you are strategic and tactical about the blog, you will always end up money.

We have shown you the avenues and that is still barely touching the surface, there is so much more that you can research on and you can make money with.

There are so many successful bloggers like John Lee Dumas, Michelle Gardner, Pat Flynn and, Lindsay Ostrom.

Does Having A Blog Make You Money?

Just how having a car does not mean it will drive itself, having a blog does not mean it will generate revenue just like that.

You have to work on it and work for it. As long as you have a niche, being patient, understanding the market demand and working towards monetizing the blogs through various avenues, you will always make money.

Can You Make Money Blogging About Your Life

Of course you can. It is extremely interesting to read about a person’s life. Make sure you have a different take about your life.

What we mean by that is you do not have to glorify anything that you do not have to glorify, you do not have to portray anything that you do not want to portray, you should just have an opinion and also write about your life in a way that will connect you with a lot of people.

Can You Make Money Blogging on Social Media?

You can blog anywhere.

It’s a form of self-expression and self-publication and you can do it anywhere you want. For instance, you can always try Facebook for long form content, Instagram for photographic content and so on.

Can You Make Money Blogging without Using Ads?

Ads are just a part of making money, as mentioned previously, you can always use Affiliate Marketing, Subscriptions, Coaching and Training, Product selling and so much more to make money off of your blog.

Your goal to make blogging a career and to make money from it should be well researched and backed with enough information like the blogs you will be creating.

Making money is as easy as it gets in today’s digital world, as long as you are willing to work on it.

Blogging too like any other work will yield result once you put hard work, intelligence and little bit of research into it and you will find avenues to support a lifestyle that you desire, doing what you love and from wherever you want.

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