10 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2023 to Unlock Your SEO Success

Looking for the best free keyword research tool? Look no further! Our top picks for the best free keyword research tools will help you find the perfect keywords to boost your website’s traffic and improve your SEO ranking. Discover which tools offer the most comprehensive data and analysis for your business needs. Try them out today and start optimizing your content for success!

Keyword research is one of the areas that you’re most likely to bump into several paid tools that you may need to have free access to.

According to many budding or growing freelancers or site owners, paying for keyword research tools is one of the hardest things to do.

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They find there isn’t a wide gap in performance as compared to free keyword research tools.

Many of the keyword research tools that you’re most likely to find online are always paid.

Regardless of paid keyword research tools dominating the web search results, there are several other free keyword tools that you can opt for if you are on a low budget or literally have no intention of spending any money on keyword research.

Keyword research tools are here to help you make your articles visible to search engine searches by suggesting some of the most common or most likely phrases or terms that users across the globe use to find your articles based on how relevant it is.

To increase your visibility online, you need to embrace these tools and use them to help rank your articles online hence increasing your online presence and the number of views that your articles can have.

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Keyword research tools are essential to the growth of your blog or site since it determines whether your article will be viewed or not.

In addition to that, you need to do keyword research before writing your articles so that they can rank well.

With all that said, in this article, we are going to list and discuss the top 10 free keyword research tools for SEO that you may opt for in 2023!

1. Google Trends – Ranked Best For Trending Topics

image 45

Website: Google Trends

Are you after topics that are taking the Internet by waves? If so, then, Google Trends is the free tool that you’ve been missing!

Google Trends allows you to search for topics that are currently dominating the Internet or those that have had several search queries after a given duration.

Besides that, Google Trends can be used to search for trending topics in different regions and even languages.

Talk of sports, military, well-being and even AI – everything is taken care of when you choose Google Trends as your top keyword research tool.

If you’re after the trending topics currently or those that have been trending of late, then, Google Trends is your best tool to go for.

You can also use Google Trends to find out which city or state is the search most likely to come from hence allowing you to write appropriately to that particular audience.

2. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword 1024x512 20190627

Website: Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is also ranked among the best free tools that you may choose to use when you need keywords in a given niche.

Just like the previously discussed tool, Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner will also help you find keyword volumes, suggestions and even searches that are searched in a particular region or city.

This is best if you write news and target an audience from a given area or town.

Besides that, Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that allows you to find and weigh out keywords that you may use in campaigns depending on the search volume and competition.

It also even give you an overview of all that you need to expect for cost per click for all the keywords that are relevant to your post or the article or even the service or product that you’re offering or selling.

Are you an advertiser or common with campaigns? If so, then, this is the right free tool that you’ve been missing all these days to aid in your content production and target audience.

Google Keyword Planner helps you optimize all your Google Ads campaigns by providing you with a list of the best and also most likely keywords related to all that you’re working on.

3. AlsoAsked

image 46

Website: AlsoAsked

This free keyword research tool is commonly known for providing information on the “People Also Asked” section of the SERPs results.

In other words, this free keyword research tool will help you know the keywords that were literally searched by every user without the point of blanket insights such as huge search volumes related searches.

This tool will also help you find additional questions that people may have regarding a given topic or topic that has been discussed and answered.

This tool also helps users find similar or related questions that they may want to know answers to without the need to ask more questions or do more searches.

It simply provides additional information touching on the topic being discussed for both the content creator and also the user without the need to look more by asking more questions.

4. Keywords Everywhere

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Website: Keyword Everywhere

Are you after a free keyword research tool that is simply a chrome extension? Well, you may need to consider trying Keywords Everywhere!

Keywords Everywhere is a free keyword research tool in form of a chrome extension that allows you to perform a number of tasks that are not limited to:

  • Providing similar or related keywords
  • People also search
  • Trending data
  • Long-tail searches relevant to your query

5. Google Search Console

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Website: Google Search Console

Through the use of query searches and regex data, Google Search Console is a free keyword research tool that gives you some of the most likely topics that may make your site rank best.

It will also provide insights or ways that you can use to ensure that your site retains its online presence.

This tool gives you an idea of how Google crawls and also indexes your site – these range from best practices, all the way to errors that your site is experiencing making it not rank well.

This tool simply acts as a go-between, joining you and Google. It provides statistics and also issues that you need to solve to have your site at its peak performance.

6. Keyword Sheeter

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Website: Keyword Sheeter

Are you looking for suggestions that are most related to your topic or theme that you want to work on?

Well, if so, Keyword Sheeter as the name suggests, is a free keyword research tool that will analyze your query and provide Google Autocomplete suggestions in a sheet.

This tool is also known for providing tons of suggestions that are most likely to touch on your desired topic and are also relevant to your query.

Keyword Sheeter is built for use by several categories of individuals.

The first groups of individuals that can use it are the SEO experts who can use it for the keyword research process.

Again, SEO web writers may also use this tool to find ideas for words that they can fuse with their content to be able to be visible to the correct audience.

Lastly, website owners may also use this tool to find out more ideas if they have a slight knowledge of natural referencing to manage their sites.

Another group that may use this tool is editors and also journalists to research current trends or even ideas for new content to write on.

When conducting searchers using Keyword Sheeter, it can be done according to basic functionalities of Google search that are not limited to:

  • Books
  • Images
  • Classic Search
  • YouTube
  • News
  • Products

Besides that, searches can also be done based on several languages that are not limited to:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Vietnamese
  • Swedish
  • Among many others

7. Answer ThePublic

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Website: Answer ThePublic

Well, this keyword research tool is slightly different from the keyword sheeter since it only lacks the sheet offered in the keyword sheeter. However, similarly, this tool provides all other things provided by keyword sheeter such as:

  • Provide a complete list of topics or suggestions that are relevant to the search
  • Who makes the searchers
  • Where or town that such searches are from
  • Reasons for the provided searches or suggestions given

Besides all that, Answer the Public allows you to optimize for long-tail key phrases.

With this capability, based on the latest changes in Google algorithm announced back in 2019 – it has been witnessed that ranking for long-tail search queries has greatly increased.

With that in mind, Answer the Public needs to be one of your top free essential SEO tools in 2023 that you need to use if you need your content to rank better.

8. Keyworddit

image 51

Website: Keyworddit

If you are looking for common topics and also common comments that are given in such areas, then, you need to try Keyworddit.

Keyworddit is known for scraping the subreddit for all your listed topics and also comments present in such topics and are relevant as also the keywords mentioned throughout.

Keyworddit is a product of Reddit. This tool helps you heighten your SEO by giving you ideas of what people keep searching for.

As for user-friendliness, this is one of the simplest SEO tools that many people find easy to use.

For instance, you only need to key in the keyword and choose the subreddit that you want to search and you will find a list of keywords ranked monthly.

9. QuestionDB

image 52

Website: QuestionDB

QuestionDB helps find possible content ideas. There is a paid and free versions of this tool.

This tool simply provides you with questions that many people across the globe always ask regarding a given topic.

Besides that, you will also be able to find several other content ideas that many content creators haven’t researched or explored.

Apart from QuestionDB being free, there is also a paid version that costs $10 every month.


  • Looks for content ideas in real-time and gives back them in the most appropriate way depending on your interests.
  • It allows you to search for questions in several categories hence making them easier to find
  • It has lots of features that make it very easy to use and also flexible for its users
  • It boasts a very big database that has about 48 million accessible questions


  • Nearly all of the searches are fetched from Reddit and some other websites
  • Some beginners may find the user interface to be quite complex for them to use

10. ChatGPT


Website: ChatGPT

ChatGPT has nearly taken over the entire content creation.

It’s not a surprise that you’re not hearing ChatGPT for the first time since it has become the daily talk and online debate across several forums and platforms.

ChatGPT can be defined as an artificial intelligence chatbot built by OpenAI and was launched back in November 2022.

It’s an upgraded version of the OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 versions of large language models (LLMs) and has been updated and upgraded through both supervised and also reinforcement learning methods.

ChatGPT was launched back in November 2022 as a prototype but it soon later got lots of attention due to its detailed feedback and fetched responses from several domains of knowledge.

However, due to its lack of accuracy, it’s not much reliable and suffers from this as a major limitation.


  • ChatGPT can provide wrong answers to your questions.
  • ChatGPT has limited knowledge regarding events that happened after September 2021.
  • ChatGPT can provide political opinions or give any information touching on politics.
  • ChatGPT suffers from algorithmic bias that may lead to wrong answers.
  • ChatGPT may misinterpret one’s question leading to wrong answers or giving the wrong format for the answers.

Wrap Up

If you are on a strict budget or not willing to spend more money on keyword research tools, then, you don’t need to worry since the above-listed and detailed keyword research tools have nearly the same performance as those that are paid.

Whatever services these tools offer are more than what you need for your SEO.

There’s nothing that can stop you from increasing your online presence or being visible to your audience – people that you share something common or simply interests.

Try out the above-mentioned keyword research tools and take your SEO practice to another level. Best of luck!

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