How to generate and submit a sitemap for indexing

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a file that contains information about the pages and files on your site and their relationship. A sitemap is a roadmap of your website that leads google crawlers to all your important web pages and files.

Why do you need a sitemap

You need a sitemap to tell the search engines about the pages on your website and let them understand how they are organized.

The sitemap contains metadata which allows search engine crawlers to understand the updates, importance of a page compared to other pages and also about the information about the specific type of content on your page.

The Sitemap for the search engine is in XML format. This type of sitemap is created and submitted to index through webmaster tools or search console.

How to know if your website has a sitemap

You can check if your website has an XML sitemap. simply Goto Sitemap checker and add your website URL and perform the check.

If you do not have a sitemap you will see this kind of result.

Now, you know your website doesn’t have a sitemap.

You can easily generate an XML sitemap for your WordPress website by installing a plugin calledGoogle XML sitemap. simply install this plugin and it will automatically generate your XML sitemap

Go to your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins, go to add new. Search for the plugin XML sitemap. install and activate the plugin and you are done.

Now, Go back and check for a sitemap again. This time you will see a sitemap generated by your sitemap plugin

How to submit the siteamp to Google?

After you have created an XML sitemap you need to submit it google through search console so that the google bot can find it and crawl it to index your web pages properly.

Go to Google search console click on the sitemap on the left sidebar. Enter your sitemap address like in the image below and click submit.

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