How To Hide Likes From Twitter

Learn how to hide likes on Twitter and keep your engagement metrics private. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to disable likes visibility and control your social media presence.

Social media is probably the best way to stay connected to the people that you care about. But, what comes along with it, is a lack of privacy.

The footprint that we create on Social media leaves traces and this can lead to a lot of adverse effects for our lives.

So, let’s dive deeper into how you can create a personal space on social media and how to hide likes on Twitter.

Twitter is the petri dish of knowledge, hate, judgment, and a lot of change to be brought about in the world. While there are certain aspects which are commendable, there is that one ominous side to Twitter which is blaring to the naked eye.

Based on the likes and the dislikes of a Twitter user, their followers can have a preconceived notion about the person, even though there is a possibility that the notion is false.

There have been cases of loss of jobs and even stalking in some severe cases. Thus, to have the idea of how to hide likes on Twitter, can help one reserve some form of privacy from the prying eyes of social media.

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Who Can See Likes on Twitter?

In case you have a public account, people who are following you and even ones who are not can see your likes. Twitter is basically an open platform that gives a glimpse into a person’s life to their followers.

Thus, the likes are a way to appreciate the sneak-peek into said man’s life. So much so, that whatever tweet is being liked, the owner of the tweet gets notified regarding who must have liked that tweet and how many likes did the tweet have.

It is for you to decide, if you would love the world to see the likes or if you would like to hide it from the world and keep something to yourself.

Instagram had this feature previously, where you could see the pages/photos a person had interacted with, which was soon taken down. Now, it is your time to know how to hide likes on Twitter.

How to Streamline the Views for The Liked Content?

Let’s consider a situation, where you would only like to show your liked content to the people who follow you; in that case, make your account “private”.

This way, you can gauge who can view the liked content and you can be rest assured that you maintain your privacy with only the kind of people that you want to engage with.

Follow the steps mentioned below to make sure that the Tweets from your account and even other account-related information is only ever visible to the people who actually follow you:

  • Log in to your account
hide like on twitter - step 1
  • Go to the settings section
hide like on twitter - step 2
  • Click on Settings and Support
hide like on twitter - step 3
  • Under Settings and Support, there will be an option for Settings and Privacy; click on that
hide like on twitter - step 4
  • You will be redirected to the Settings page
hide like on twitter - step 5
  • Choose the option Privacy and Safety
hide like on twitter  - step 6
  • Select the option Audience and Tagging
hide like on twitter  - step 7
  • Under Audience and Tagging you will find the option- Protect your Tweets, you need to check that box
hide like on twitter - step 8
  • This will prompt a dialog box with caution, and click on Protect
word image 10796 9

Once you have checked the box stating “protect your tweet”, only people following you will be able to view any post that you have liked.

Take away all the likes, one like at a time:

This will be a long shot but it is definitely effective. This way you get to unlike all the posts, manually.

The benefit that you can derive out of this is that, you do not have to make your account private and at the same time, get to have an account which does not have any of the pre-loved posts.

The method to unlike posts manually will help to first, start the account afresh.

Because you have un-liked all of the previously loved posts, what will happen is that there will be nothing for Twitter to collect data from, once you have un-liked most of the posts and stopped liking posts, altogether.

Here are the steps on how to hide likes on Twitter, manually:

  • Open your Twitter profile
word image 10796 10
  • Click on the Twitter Image (icon), situated under the banner- Home
word image 10796 11
  • Go to the Likes section
word image 10796 12
  • Unlike the posts that you would want to hide from your followers
word image 10796 13

This will surely be a time-consuming process, but it ensures complete safety from anyone knowing about your likes and dislikes.

The additional benefit of this particular process is that, it will make sure to hide the posts that you have liked from the people who had initially shared the posts.

As we have mentioned previously, any post that you like triggers a notification to the creator of the post, thus making it even more of a public knowledge.

How to hide likes on Twitter with minimal effort and Google Chrome?

We understand the bane of un-liking individual tweets, especially, when you have an active account and there are more than enough tweets to un-like.

Thus, we have found a shortcut which will make sure that you can easily remove the likes of all the existing posts.

Use Google Chrome and then there is a magic trick and a little bit of command to be set and you will have removed most of the likes from your account.

We will guide you, step by step as to how you can use Google Chrome to hide likes on Twitter:

  • Log in to Twitter through your Google Chrome Browser
word image 10796 14
  • Open your profile by clicking on your image under the Home Banner
word image 10796 15
  • Now select the “Likes” Option
word image 10796 16
  • Now click F12 on your keyboard, and open the Google Chrome Console; a tool will open up which might look overwhelming, but it will be a lot easier, once the command is in place to hide the likes
word image 10796 17
  • Open the Console tab
word image 10796 18
  • Now, copy and paste the following command on the white section with the blinking cursor and then click enter – $(‘.ProfileTweet-actionButtonUndo.ProfileTweet-action–unfavorite’).click();
word image 10796 19
  • Give sometime for the script to run and once done it will un-like all the previously like Tweets making sure that there is nothing available on the Like section of your Twitter profile.


As much as we understand the importance of keeping our likes and dislikes private, there are definitive reasons why Twitter would beg to differ.

Under such circumstances, it is obvious that Twitter will not roll out an option which will help its users to un-like the content that they had previously liked.

Thus, begins our hunt to find ways of how to hide likes on Twitter.

There are multiple third-party apps too, which help to mass delete the likes available on your account and some of them are as:


There is a free and a paid plan for Circleboom and this app let’s you to mass hide all the pre-existing likes in your account. The free plan, obviously, comes with a small catch which will let you hide a smaller number of like from your account.

While, the premium plan should be the only choice when you would want to mass hide all the likes from said account.

Log in to Circleboom> Authorize the Circleboom Twitter Management option to gain access to your account> then you will have the option to Connect with Twitter> Once the syncing is complete, go to the dashboard> On the Dashboard there will be an option to Unlike Tweets, click on Unlike your Likes> Select the Tweets to Unlike or choose the premium plan to unlike them all.

Twitter Archive Eraser

Twitter Archive Eraser comes with a catch that it will delete the likes, as much as possible. There is a Twitter bug which makes sure that the third-party apps are not much productive to them keeping their data and thus, the restriction.

This app is likely to delete 1000 likes, but the time span is for 2 years. Here is how to use it:

Install the app on Mac or Windows> Sign in to your account with your credentials> Click on the button that says authorize app> then choose the option that states Complementary features> Choose the Ok button next>

Choose the option that says Delete Favorites> Click on yes> You can always download the archives available on Twitter via the following link:> Download the Data> You will find the Load Archive button available and from there, please, choose the date and year for the posts that you would want to hide> Click Next to see the posts available> You can now unlike the tweets or delete the tweets

It should be remembered that Twitter only allows a total of 3200-3600 tweets to be un-liked as it stored data of 3200-3600 likes for a particular account; thus, whatever will be deleted will be within this particular range.

Now, that you know how to hide likes on Twitter or at least unlike the previously liked posts, happy surfing on Twitter and making sure that your privacy is intact and you only allow people to see what you would want them to see.

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