How to Use “Answer The Public” tool to grow visitors

When it comes to SEO, keyword research is the fundamental activity that can give you the highest ROI.

By using the right tools for keywrod research, you can draw on what your potential customers are looking for and divert them to your landing page to guided contents. From that point you can escort prospects down the path to make a conversion.

One of the most demonstrated way to gather keywords is by analysing the questions your audinece are alreading asking. For this Answer The Public can be a very effective tool.

What is Answer The Public?

Answer the public is one of the best resources of keyword research and content ideas. It visualizes seaerch questions and autocomplete searches in an image called a search cloud.

For example, let’s say you’re a trekking company looking to acquire more clients . It makes sense to start your keyword research around the term  “Everest Treks.” This will give you a sense for which questions Everest Travelrs have, and the challenges they face when trekking in this region.

We’ll go through a step-by-step guide on how to use the free version of Answer The Public to grow both paid and organic traffic.

How can you increase your traffic with this tool?

While the default setting is a visual layout, click on the “data” tab to access the easier to read tables with values:

All of these types of questions aren’t necessarily useful. However, some are more promising than others:

  • “what is everest base camp trek”
  • “when to trek everest base camp”
  • “how to trek everest base camp”

Now, you can create fresh blog posts that answers each of these questions in-depth. 

Next, we have the prepositions section which covers ‘can’, ‘for’, ‘is’, ‘near’, ‘to’, ‘with’ and ‘without’:

Out of this data set, If you are a agency offering trek packages then these phrases seem promising:

  • everest base camp trek with gokyo lake
  • everest base camp trek with helicopter return
  • everest base camp with island peak

These have a high commercial buying intent, and would be perfect to use for your PPC campaigns. For example, here’s an ad we get for the term “ everest base camp with island peak ”:

The comparision area includes the keywords with comparative terms with the words like ” like”, “versus” “or” etc.

Out of the comparison data set, these two phrases may be really useful:

  • everest base camp and island peak trek
  • everest base camp and gokyo lakes trek

Last, however not least, we’ve got the alphabeticals (A-Z searches) and connected categories. For the example below, it shows alphabeticals A-C:

Out of this data set, these examples look promising:

  • everest base camp by helicopter
  • everest tour by helicopter
  • everest base camp best company
  • everest trek cost
  • everest base camp trek
  • everest base camp helicopter cost
  • everest base camp in august
  • everest base camp kala pattar

Backed with these keywrod results, you can create optimized content in content page, Google snippets and landing pages.

Get Seen on Google Snippets

When you input a search query or a question on google search, it will often show excerpts of information collected from other websites. The purpose behind this is to make it easy for your to easily and quickly find the information without making you to clikc through any sites.

After typing in “what is everest base camp trek,” it shows me a snippet. In addition, it als displays other examples of what ‘people also ask’.

Since question queries usually prompt featured snippets, Answer The Public is the best tool for displaying these questions. Getting your brand featured in a snippet can position you as an authority and provide ongoing exposure for audiences you want to reach.

By giving list-style answers to your audience’s questions, you can get your content showcased on Google snippets.

Optimize for questions that use natural language. It’s good to keep in mind that searches are increasingly performed through voice search, not just through typed terms.

Increase Landing Page Conversions

Increase Landing Page Conversions

Imagine this: your prospective customer has done a search for “everest base camp trek” and is trying to figure out which website link to click on. In the few seconds your potential customer takes to make up their mind, you can pull them to your website with a good question in your headline or description.

These are the top 4 Google results that come up for “everest base camp trek”:

Title like, “10 best everest base camp trek packages ” can make a person pause, look closer and click through to the site.

While on the landing page, if the content is relevant and has answered the searcher’s question, they are more likely to take the desired action you want them to take.

You can use your landing in a way that helps you to :

  • convey a story that is about the question asked or makes a connection with your product or service.
  • tell your audience how your solution solves the challenge behind the audience questions.

By making use of the above ideas, you can have a good point of view in finding the right keyword and making yourself get featured in Google search snippet and creating awesome engaging landing pages.

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