Kicksta Review: A Powerful Businesses Growth Tool

Are you tired of struggling to gain followers on Instagram?

Do you feel like your content is not reaching the right audience?

If your answer is yes, then you might want to consider using Kicksta.

In this Kicksta review, we will take a closer look at this popular Instagram growth service and see if it is worth your time and money.

How Does It Work?

kicksta dashboard

I was prompted to register and submit a list of Instagram profiles that has similar target audience to my profile.

These Instagram accounts resembled the brand I was pushing and those of my niche competitors.

Afterward, Kicksta would like several pictures from the Instagram users I had chosen as my target audience.

The notice that I liked one of the followers’ images will be sent out to them, improving the possibility that they will continue to follow my Instagram account and like the product I am marketing.

As a result of this experience, Kicksta increases the organic reach of my page. This makes it much easier to manage the account and check my progress using my keyboard.

Even though it is impossible to forecast with certainty how quickly the following will increase, the fact remains that Kicksta is generally secure, reasonably priced, and majorly a wise investment.

For Kiksta to start working, it will take around 24 hours; this is after filling in some data such as location; later on, I did receive an email updating me that it had finished its operations and setting things up hence it could kickstart its operations on salvaging my targeted audience.

Features of Kicksta

Audience Targeting Feature

This function is important since it makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to link me with the audience that I am targeting.

It focuses mostly on the Instagram accounts that I have already supplied, starts like photographs on those accounts, and draws the demographic that I am trying to reach.

All-day Engagement Feature

Are you a businessman who puts forth a lot of effort?

Are you a busy entrepreneur?

Are you so preoccupied with the tasks at hand that you forget to check your social media accounts?

You don’t need to worry about that anymore since, just as it does for me, this feature ensures that your work is always up to date and in progress around the clock.

Hence, regardless of whether you are online or not, it will continue to work on your account.

Analytics Feature

The greatness of this feature is that it kept me constantly updated on my progress.

It showed me areas where I had to improve to gain more followers and advised me on how to do that. Furthermore, more accounts would help me grow; It is also excellent as it showed me if I was progressing or stagnating.

Top-level Security Feature

Due to the fact that I had already submitted certain credentials to this feature, including the password to my Instagram account, I was quite worried about its level of security.

It is not simple to penetrate Kicksta’s firewall, which contributes to the platform’s amazing level of security, making it difficult to do so.

Any individual who states that the level of security that is offered by Kicksta is equivalent to that which is supplied by certain banks has my full support.

Success Manager Feature

Once I was done registering for Kicksta, they did not leave me stranded. Instead, they gave me a manager (who is a human) to guide me through the tiresome process of growing my account.

My manager carefully taught me what to post, the hashtags to use, and even much better my content creation.

Target Accounts

After your registration is complete, Kicksta will take on the responsibility of fulfilling its role as a connector between you and the accounts I’ve selected.

Since I had previously populated the dashboard with the data of the Instagram accounts I was targeting, I had established a leeway that made it easy for me to communicate with the people in my target audience.

Gaining Followers

Let us be honest.

What is the most effective strategy for attracting new followers?

In my opinion, the most effective way to attract followers is through using the kicksta platform.

If someone loves two of my blogs, it will encourage me to follow them and see what more they have to offer.

This increases the level of interest for me, and it makes me question why a stranger would desire my postings without knowing who I am.

As soon as this stranger follows me and I follow back, I won’t be able to avoid becoming interested in any postings the stranger makes without being sidetracked.

Taking this scenario as an example, Kicksta has provided me with a greater number of followers than I had anticipated.

Making use of this psychological aspect of individuals has resulted in an increase in the number of followers on my Instagram account, which has led to the things I was promoting being more prominent among the audience I was trying to reach.

Follow Back/Unfollow

The rule on the ground is a follow for follow. This is the basic principle of maintaining my followers. So that I ensure I do not get unfollowed by my followers, Kicksta has made it possible for me to follow back any person who follows me almost immediately.

Having a massive number of followers and following back a person with few followers encourages them to be loyal.

The manager assigned to me by Kicksta is also accommodating. In case I get unfollowed by several people, they play the role of an intermediary, thus helping me see where I went wrong or what might be the factor making people unfollow me. 

Once the issue was resolved, my manager helped me gain back more followers and popularized me once more amongst different Instagram accounts.


Before I discovered Kicksta, I needed to learn about most community rules and guidelines that Instagram uses to govern or maintain order within its application.

Through Kicksta, I realized that a limited number of likes could be used within a month. The Instagram app allows up to 10,000 likes within a month. If this number is surpassed, your Instagram account will be banned.

With the guidance I got from kickstart, I can be ascertained that my account is not being banned due to the number of content I like, be it mine or other Instagram users.

The principle of liking other people’s photos, so they want and follow me has tremendously worked out for me.

Due to the help and guideline given by kickstart, I can be ascertained out of the ten people I like their photos, at least seven would like back, and five would follow.

This is a good statistic as compared to other features.

Customer Support

The greatest asset any company, producer, person in business, entrepreneur or sole proprietor can offer to its customers is an excellent internal business environment and outstanding customer care services.

Nothing is as attractive as taking care of a customer and the feeling a customer gets for being understood, listened to, addressed with respect, guided when lost, led in case of a misunderstanding, and most of all, a place where any customer can have a sense of security and privacy is of excellent protection.

Most people have complained of being conned or banned while using other applications or features that try to mimic kickstart.

On the other hand, the kickstand is very reliable, and it follows all the rules and guidelines of Instagram, ensuring that I do not get banned on Instagram or my account is hacked.

A customer’s safety is also part of customer care, as taking care of your customer s credentials is part of it. This is something that kickstand has proved to be great at all the time I have been using it.

Instagram Blacklist

Kicksta might be a great tool that helps get the targeted market, but I might only sometimes want to attract everyone.

I may be selective about the people who should equally follow me back.

For instance, I may not be on the same platform as my competitors. This is simply because I want a conducive environment that is not toxic for me and my targeted audience.

Also, I may not be comfortable with some individuals following me due to their ethical misconduct, thus ruining my reputation.

In this case, Kicksta has got me covered as it offers a feature where I can easily block those people and continue to enjoy my harmonious Instagram environment.

The Social Media Agency Boost

Every day, it is wrong for any social media growth platform to assure one of a specific number of followers they will get at a particular time or an exact number of followers.

Kicksta has found a reliable and profound way to partner with these social media agencies. An excellent example of such an agency is the American Film Institute and celebrities.

In cooperation with the agencies, Kicksta and The Social Media Agency stated that they could guarantee an individual a minimum of at least 700- 900 new monthly followers.

This will be a significant step toward increasing the number of Instagram followers through the help of our celebrities.

This will be a great revolution in this field, giving Kicksta an upper hand over its competitors.

Price of Kicksta

Kicksta pricing plan

The Standard plan is priced at $49 per month.

This includes “moderate growth,” usage of videos to be included in the price, and targeting of at least a minimum of 10 people.

Assuming these features work correctly, which it has always done, this is a great and friendly price. As if I am to compare the services provided to the amount charged, they are undercharging to make us, the customers, happy. 

With the purchase of the Premium package, I had to enjoy other outstanding services not found in the standard packaging.

Examples of such exemplary assistance that I vividly wanted include live chat support and even greater blocklisting.

The great news is that I enjoyed it with real active accounts, not phony accounts or users. 

With the Premium package, I got to enjoy wonders such as faster growth of my account, which is very active and faster than the regular account.

Having experienced a technical issue once with my subscription, they quickly refunded me until the problem was solved.

This was a beautiful customer care service to me as Kicksta proved that their main concern is not money but rather the welfare and satisfaction of their customer.

There is a free trial. Despite having to try and show commitment to try out Kicksta, they gave me a free month free tryout to their system with no charges.

They have a 14-day refund that is fully guaranteed.

I have tried this several times, and Kicksta has proved to be more than effective in their services which I found very attractive and unforgettable.

This is a scarce commodity and its assistance in finding out.

For the period that I have been using the kickstand, I have never seen a negative review concerning the refunding of cash.

Despite knowing that not everyone will always support your work, this is the only feature I have read, and it does not have a negative review. 

The following is the pricing for the kicksta

  1. Standard plan: $49/month
  2. Premium Plan: $99/month
  3. Boost Plan: $218/month

Is Kicksta Secure?

There are two outstanding things or factors about Kicksta that makes it very secure;

1) The website – The browser that kickstand uses is very secure as it has strong firewalls that make it hard to hack.

The appts website has proved to understand its assignment to protect customer data. I can attest that for the long or short time, I have been using kickstart, my account has never been hacked or experienced any technicalities.

2) Verified payment – Living in a digitalized world, the mode of payment will have to change to accommodate this changing time.

Innovation tends to take place every day; hence, one must be updated with current technological ways.

Payment made here is only made via credit card, making it even safe for users like me, as no information of mine shall be left behind.

Considering the facts shown here, using Kicksta is risk-free and without danger for anybody, including me and anyone else who chooses to do so.

As compared to their own priorities, Kicksta places a far higher priority on the happiness of its consumers.

The ease with which one may join up for use of this Instagram service is its most notable feature. Finding out information requires simply a short amount of time.

The information or instructions that are provided are easy to understand, unambiguous, and uncomplicated.

Their video onboarding course serves as the conduit via which the instruction is delivered.

As I said before, they often come with a refund policy that is valid for 14 days.

This gives me the opportunity to evaluate the quality of their service before determining whether or not to demonstrate my dedication to everything that Krista has to offer.

My personal experience with Kicksta, during which I saw that the firm does not engage in any deceptive practices or procedures, led me to the conclusion that Kicksta is an outstanding and very credible business.

I began getting new followers, which helped me expand in an organic way and make my account more famous among the demographic I was trying to reach.

After utilizing their services for about a month, the crew at Kicksta is incredibly attentive and fast to assist with any queries or difficulties you could have via email support.

This is the case even if you have a question about anything completely unrelated to their services.


In a nutshell, there is no better platform to increase one’s Instagram followers than this platform.

It creates an opportunity for one to not only get a chance to promote, advertise and sell its goods but to attract more followers simply through this platform.

It is simple, safe, and very affordable.

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