Freelance SEO Service: I help you grow your business online

Welcome to Marketing Optimist. I am Gaurav Upreti & here I cover all the aspects of online marketing. I mostly write about SEO, blogging, making money online, affiliate marketing and passive income ideas.

I also help small businesses drive more traffic and generate more leads through SEO and content marketing.

Agencies have their place, but I like to do things a little more personally. No middlemen, no miscommunication. Let’s build a real relationship.

About Your Things:

You run a website, a blog, a brand, or a business. Your business content needs online exposure. you need more visits to your website. You need to make your website and blog content more engaging, You need to get high on Google local business ranking, and many things more… You want to expand online in all the corners, but sadly the hours in the day stay the same.

I am always ready to take all this on my shoulder and let you breathe deep. I can take care of your online marketing needs while you are busily growing your business.

About me:

I am not just another online marketing freelance, I actually understand SEO & Online marketing. I know what it really takes to actually run a successful online business. Before I realized Online Marketing was my calling, I was slinging together the lingo of a different grain. I taught myself the basics of SEO and online marketing thingo.

I strained myself with biological science for three long years in the university before I made a successful escape as a university graduate with a computer science degree. Lucky for my sanity, I found this little thing called online marketing.

Now, I work in the online marketing space, it was a natural extension of my skills. I know tech, I know marketing and I know writing. Why not combine them.

I have been doing WordPress SEO, local business SEO, and content marketing for some years now and helping small businesses generate more visitors and lead to succeed online.

What does this mean for you?

It means you’re going to get a marketer who understands you. Who understands what your business needs. A person who actually gives a damn about your business. An SEO marketer who can analyze your online business from the ground up and come up with a successful marketing plan.

No matter what your business is about, there’s a lot of clatters to cut through in the online space. My help will take you through all this.

And remember, a simple “hell yes” can be enough to take your business SEO marketing grade from “OK” to the “WoW“.

What is different about me and every other “SEO Guy”…?

I can improve client’s websites’ rank position with effective search engine optimization (SEO) engagements based on content-driven strategies for sustainable growth.

Your content is roughly half of your rank position. The other half is link building, on-page, technical SEO, and user engagement metrics. My strategy to get first page rankings is quite simple: I do what Google wants us to do.

A pretty website is nice to look at – but a website designed around Google’s algorithm will generate leads and customers for you. The most important point I stress to all my potential clients is that my marketing strategy is NOT ‘cookie-cutter’.

I take particular care in designing an SEO action plan, tailor-made for that particular business to reach their specific goals in a cost-effective manner

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