RankIQ Review – The Best AI SEO Tool To Write And Rank A Blog Post

A few years ago, blogging was considered as just a hobby that people who were passionate about a topic or activity engaged in, but fast-forward to 2022, blogging is regarded as a career path chosen.

A statistic carried out in 2022 showed that there are 600 million blogs in the world today out of a total of 1.9 billion websites which goes to show how blogs are embedded into the internet’s ecosystem.

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While having a large community of bloggers is amazing, the major problem faced by majority of blogger is the fight to stay relevant by posting content which are ranked higher in their various areas of discussion.

This brings us to the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s text, images, configuration and arrangement so as to increase the rank in search engines.

When people search for terms related to what the blog’s products and services, it appears ahead of others who offer the same products and services.

The field of artificial intelligence brought about automation of technologies, among which is the ability to write authentic and highly optimised content with proper SEO implemented which brings us to RankIQ.

What is RankIQ?

RankIQ is an artificial intelligence cloud-based service (meaning there is no need of downloading or installing any software) designed by Brandon Graille which can be deployed on Windows and Mac operating systems.

It serves as an assistant for blog writers to effectively optimize the content of a blog by providing necessary tools and features.

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Its main feature is to analyze the kind of post and guide the writer on what to write, how to write it and where to write it.

This way, people who have zero to no experience in writing blogs professionally can enter into the realm of blogging and have amazing contents that their audience will enjoy.

Search engines focus on two parts of blog posts in ranking where they appear in search results.

These are the title and main content of the article which is why the three main services RankIQ offers are Title Analysis, Content Analysis and Content Optimization which all when combined together and done efficiently produces comprehensive content which are preferred by search engines.

Title Analysis

the title of a blog post is the most important element when it comes to visibility in search engines because if not done right with the right keywords, blog posts that contain information needed by a large number of people will remain invisible to them.

RankIQ employs the use of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) analysis which simply analyzes top-ranking web pages in search engines so as to determine how the get to that position and what they are doing to remain relevant.

RankIQ uses the results from the SERP analysis to guide the blogger on which keywords to use in the title, the metatags to be included and description of the website.

Content Analysis

The main content of a blog post also plays a crucial role in optimizing its rank in search engine results which is why it has to be done right.

RankIQ being an artificial intelligence system studies Google’s ranking algorithm to determine what areas needs to be covered, what areas need to be emphasized and what areas are not important.

With this knowledge, the blogger can write more efficiently and have a guide towards writing a comprehensive article.

Content Optimization

After the required content has been gotten, delivery is just as important. How do we arrange the content (text and graphics) in such away that there is smooth flow? This

is the question RankIQ answers by providing its users guides on how content should be arranged so as to optimize both its ranking in search results and its delivery to the audience.

The ability of a blogger to position parts of the content in its preferred position was something that came with experience and majority of new bloggers struggled with it. Fortunately, RankIQ takes the burden away as new bloggers with little to no experience have this power also.

Getting Started With RankIQ

RankIQ is very easy to get started with, the homepage gives an overview of the products and services they offer and visual guides to navigating and using the system.

The videos contained the homepage give detailed guides on how to navigate and use the services offered by RankIQ

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In the homepage, to get access to the services offered by RankIQ, navigate to the registration page by clicking the “Sign Up” button.

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For new users, click on create account which takes you to the onboarding page while existing users should click on sign in so they can logon to their accounts and continue working.

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The onboarding form is minimal with just the user’s name, email password and website URL.

Once filled correctly, a new account is opened and the user is redirected to Stripe where arrangements for payments are made.

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After payment is made, the user proceeds to login into their account. For new accounts, the first thing to do is create a new report, here the user inputs a keyword phrase which relates to the topic of the blog post and choose the niche (category) of the post.

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The niche is the category of the blog post, examples of popular niches are gaming, movies, music, religion, food, school, science and arts.

The new report page contains a 26 minutes video which gives detailed explanation on how to create new reports and effectively use them.

Services Offered By RankIQ

The purpose of using artificial intelligence in system is to automate work to be done users, RankIQ is no exception.

The process of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) analysis alone when done manually could take days and a lot of resources to be completed, then the results have to be reported and acted upon which would take even more time and requires a high level of skill.

However, with RankIQ all these steps can be completed in a matter of minutes with zero to no writing or blogging skills.

The following services are offered RankIQ:

  • Keyword Selection
  • Comprehensive SEO reports
  • Blog Analysis
  • Google Search Results Analysis

Keyword Selection

RankIQ is embedded with a wide range of keyword from different niches which the user can use.

These keywords are added to the user’s library where information such as the number of blogs competing using the same keywords are displayed.

It also displays the visits per year for the keyword and time it takes to rank the keyword, according to RankIQ, the ultra-fast keywords take up to 60 days before getting displayed on Google’s first search page.

From the keyword library page, the user can proceed to run the SEO analysis on keyword to get comprehensive report on the keywords.

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Comprehensive SEO reports

The SEO analysis starts when the user clicks on the run report button in the keyword library page.

The embedded AI runs algorithms that analysis data from the top 30 results on Google and gives report on how the selected keywords will affect the ranking of the page.

This process is fairly fast and is completed averagely in 5 minutes. Once completed, the report is presented to the user in four parts.

The first part is the overview of the report which gives a summary of the analysis carried out.

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Then the title analysis is presented, these are titles that according to RankIQ are “Keywords Google likes in titles”.

In the analysis, the top 30 results in google with the same keywords are fetched and an algorithm is run to find which keywords used in their title were highly ranked by Google and according to the RankIQ website, this process is completed in 90 seconds.

The keywords are arranged in descending order of relevance on the left side while the titles are on the right side.

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Next is the content analysis, this is where the AI find areas that need to be in the articles and areas that are irrelevant or as RankIQ call it “Topics Google wants you to cover”.

Based on the kind of post and keywords selected, an analysis of the content carried out checks the top 30 results in Google similar to that of the user and finds key areas that are crucial to optimizing the post.

It also gives the score of these areas and how relevant they are so the user can prioritize when writing to focus more on areas that have higher relevance and scores.

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The last part is the content optimization where the user is presented with guides on the arrangement of the blog post.

The content optimizer scans the article and displays the keywords used, word count, the article where the user can make modifications, the grade of the article and the recommended grade so if the user has a score below the benchmark, modifications have to be made.

It also contains areas to include in the article, as seen in the content analysis, the content optimizer ensures the user include the recommended areas of discussion in the blog post as this will make the post rank higher in search engines.

RankIQ Pricing

RankIQ starts at $49 for 16 articles monthly and they provide a detailed comparison of their services and prices with their competitors.

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Looking at the comparison, it is safe to say that RankIQ is not just great for beginner bloggers but also for professional blogger because it automates works that would have taken hours or days to perform and does it in minutes and the price is also fair for the services rendered.

It gives the user 16 AI generated SEO reports for articles, advanced keyword research and top keyword based on selected niche and is best suited for bloggers.

Pros and Cons of RankIQ

As with everything, RankIQ has its advantages and disadvantages which the user needs to be aware of before purchasing the product.

Pros of RankIQ

Easy to use: the RankIQ platform is very easy to navigate and use, it also features video snippets that guides users on how to efficiently use the product.

Keyword analysis: as earlier discussed, choice of keywords are very important in optimizing the visibility of websites, RankIQ performs analysis of keywords and give comprehensive SEO reports on which keywords will perform better when used in the articles.

Fairly Cheap: with a price tag of $49 per month, RankIQ offers services which give satisfactory results and optimize content being created.

Applicable to previous posts: a user could dive into the world of RankIQ at any point of their blogging carrier and it would not be an issue because RankIQ not only optimizes future posts but also checks articles posted prior to RankIQ and applies the same optimization algorithms to them making the entire website more visible.

The process of optimizing old underperforming blog posts can be completed in less than 30 minutes which when done manually could take days to complete and that is if the blogger is able to find the problem.

Amazing Customer Support: the customer support team at RankIQ are available 24 hours everyday and provide as much help as they can to all users of their products and non-users who make enquires.

Cons of RankIQ

  • Keywords are not unique: the same keywords gotten from the analysis of a website will most likely be issued to a similar website and this leads to competition.
  • No free trial: RankIQ does not offer free trial the moment so users need to be ready before they can start using it, this is why there are detailed videos explaining the entire platform on the page.

RankIQ – The Takeaway!

As more and more people dive into the blogging as a career, the need for a system which automates most of the process is necessary for both experienced and beginner bloggers.

RankIQ delivers this service excellently and at an affordable price and with a very simple and easy to use platform.

The aim of every blogger is to produce professional content that gets to the right audience in a timely manner and RankIQ makes this possible and so RankIQ is highly recommended to all bloggers.

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