Site Guru Review – Get More Traffic With This SEO Tool (14-Day Free Trial)

SiteGuru Review- My Personal Experience With The Tool

Have you ever wondered for your business or even a company to be a success what do you require?

Most companies spend a lot of resources and time to ensure their business has what it takes to thrive through fancy pants design and some catch-to-call. Many people as well talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but very few know how it works.

Much success of your brand or website depends on SEO, an integral part of moving your website to the next level.

Don’t gamble with your business, and for its success, you should invest in the most reliable tool that takes care of all you SEO needs. And which is the best SEO tool to use? Sounds like a big deal? Well, that’s where SiteGuru comes in handy.

What is SiteGuru?

SiteGuru is a Netherland-based SEO tool founded by Rick van Haasteren in 2017 that helps you to get more traffic even if you don’t know how to use it.

The tool looks over your shoulder and highlights where you ought to make any changes to raise your rankings. Further, a clear and concise report is generated and sent to you with detailed explanations whenever you need a report.

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To monitor your performance and insights for the keywords you can rank for, SiteGuru blends data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

It also has a comprehensive tutorial section for those who might need to make complex changes such as tagging parts of your website content through the implementation of Schema markup.

In this SiteGuru review, I am sharing my first-hand experience since I tested it my own website.

SiteGuru Review-My Experience

Having tried a lot of SEO tools before, I have finally come to settle for SiteGuru. You don’t need to be SEO-savvy to use SiteGuru since the user interface is easy to understand and not complex.

Further, generating SEO reports for static websites does not require HTML or any special scripts. Also, every week audits are run and it gives you a prioritized action list.

Data here is presented in a straightforward manner which makes it possible to make the necessary changes.

My Favourite Features On SiteGuru

SiteGuru is a powerful SEO analysis tool that helps you locate and fix underlying issues or problems on your website.

It helps you fix these errors through the provision of detailed error messages for you to fix. Business owners and administrative staff might be unaware of the problem their customers are facing in navigating through their site thus they turn to SiteGuru for a solution.

SiteGuru updates you about your website’s health and has a mobile-friendly feature that enables you to see your website look on mobile phones.

Further, it helps you grow your website and get more traffic by finding the low-hanging fruit. SiteGuru also runs a complete weekly SEO audit and gives you an actionable easy-to-understand to-do list.

Other Features

Some other features of SiteGuru include:

➜ Complete & Automated website Crawls

Nothing slips SiteGuru notice! It uncovered pages I completely forgot about which would have otherwise gotten lost if I had manually audited my website.

SiteGuru’s crawler imitates Google crawler, crawling everything from old, forgotten pages to sitemaps and links. Further, it showed me the website’s health and gave me improvement suggestions for every page.

➜ Offers Core SEO Reports

If you are trying to grow your brand on traditional CMS, speed, loading time, UX and performance can give you a very hard time. For SiteGuru, it blends all the SEO factors into audits, so, your website is audited for:

  • Meta Description and Page Title Audits

To generate more traffic for your website, SiteGuru will help you fix pages your meta description as well as titles that are not optimized.

  • Indexation

You don’t expect to post content and rank immediately. When submitting new pages, google needs to index them. SiteGuru gives you a notification of the state of indexation and if there are any errors.

  • Redirects, Canonical URLs, Sitemaps, and Broken Lines.

If there is a problem with new, broken, or missing pages, SiteGuru audits your website and gives you a notification.

Similarly, if you have ventured into eCommerce, you are most probably likely to have canonical URLs for a variety of products. With SiteGuru at hand, you can check your website for canonical URLs and implement them to avoid reducing your ranking.

  • Automatically Find Broken Links

Google’s primary way of understanding the internet is through links. As such, you need to ensure all your links are working well. But unfortunately, links get broken and page names change as the website is growing. SiteGuru will notify you about broken links and redirects that might damage your SEO.

  • Page Speed Audits

With SiteGuru, you don’t have to manually insert page by page into Google’s tool. It can simultaneously check thousands of pages using Google’s PageSpeed API.

Connecting your Google Analytics and Search Console to SiteGuru

Connecting SiteGuru to your Google analytics and search console helps you track click-through rates, rankings, and keywords.

You will get weekly audit results and opportunities, and you won’t need to check your keywords on a separate tool.

Measure your SEO Progress and Track Change

With SiteGuru, you can be able to see the fruits of your labor as it tracks speed, health, historical meta-description, and other performance indicators.

Advantages Of SiteGuru

Increased SEO Ranking

Many business owners cherish the success and improvement of their ventures. Just as I did. Thus, tracking your ranking of the content you make helps you to know if you are reaching the right audience and decide if your marketing skills are successful.

And for these, you need an SEO tool like SiteGuru to check on your SEO metrics such as organic traffic as well as conversions.

Content Management

Content management is important for you to know the keywords that are currently trending on the web. This gives you an idea of what people or customers are looking for.

With SiteGuru you will be able to manage your content more effectively and efficiently by cross-checking with your competitors and seeing what they have been posting and sharing so that you too can grow your brand.

Better customer experience

Through SiteGuru, I was able to easily identify problems and quickly fix them. By constantly cross-checking your website for duplicated errors and broken links, you give a lifetime experience to your customers when navigating your website.

What I Liked About SiteGuru

Great insights quickly-one get insights about the performance of your website.

Complete website Crawlone spends less time checking pages and you only jump in when a problem arises.

Keep track of changesthrough SEO adjustments one can check the improvement of their performance over time.

Keyword and CTR checkerone can monitor keywords as well as click-through rates by connecting SiteGuru to your Google Analytics and Search Console.

No code installationthere is no tracking, tags, or pixels. You just get started right away.

Agency supportyou can send your client weekly updates as proof of increased performance.

I really enjoyed using SiteGuru. But just like any other tool, here are some of the drawbacks you should keep in mind before starting your trial.

What I Am Not Happy About SiteGuru

Technical SEO focusSiteGuru is only focused on keywords and technical optimization. So, if need be for creating content then you will be forced to use a different tool.

Audit speedyou will need to be patient for the initial audit if your website has more than 50 pages. For me, it took around an hour but after the initial audit, there is no problem as you will be getting audits weekly.

No real-time Crawlsfor SiteGuru, you will need the patience to wait for weekly optimization, this is for those who usually want to be updated immediately or constantly.

Is SiteGuru Worth The Price

SiteGuru offers three plans with almost similar features. The differences come in the number of websites you would wish to connect.

  • SiteGuru Starter

This is plan is priced at $29. With this, you are can have only 2 websites monitored, unlimited users, and get responsive support. It is mainly used by in-house marketers and I would also recommend it to those who have one business.

  • SiteGuru Medium

This next plan is the most popular one. It is priced at $49. With this, you get more options as it monitors 10 websites, unlimited users, and responsive support. It is mainly for SEO consultants.

  • SiteGuru Agency

Finally, we have the Agency which is priced at $149. With this, the software solution can monitor 50 websites with unlimited users. Further, you get priority support and white-labeled reports. It is mainly for the agencies.

SiteGuru Alternatives

There are other options other than SiteGuru and here are some of them:

Date for SEO

New York-based Data for SEO was founded by Rob Bucci. It cost between $50 and $10,000 per month and offers real-time analytics and business profitability analysis.


Though prices are available upon request, Serpstat does the job through tracking, management of the website, and keyword research.

SEO Audit

This brainchild of Masqood Rhaman helps you improve your search ranking by fixing your website. The piece ranges from $49 to $199 per month.


Even though prices are available upon request, Siftery, an SEO tool founded in 2012 helps in web analytics, web forms, as well as email marketing. And all these good services can lie in your favor with just a quick sign-up process.

SE Ranking

This costs between $23 to $112 per month and gets the job done by improving the user experience as well as with a variety of SEO tasks.

Wrap Up

Having tried other SEO tools, I am glad I tried SiteGuru and settled on it because it is the simplest and easiest to understand. If you want to narrow down on SEO, or have just opened an online business, then SiteGuru is the best option for you got.

The unique data-driven approach of SiteGuru will help you get more traffic and make your website more optimized through you making changes and focusing on the most important areas which can improve your ranking.

Further, a lot of information is given to you for a very reasonable price. Also, the paid subscription option in SiteGuru unlocks tools like crawl rate monitor, backlink checker, and analysis of competitors.

So, with all these features and advantages, instead of guessing which is the best SEO for improvement, SiteGuru will ensure you get more organic traffic.

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