The Best Podcast Hosting in 2020

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Content marketing is king! And if you desire to drive more traffic to your business, churning out great content is the way to go.

Talking of great content, you can opt for audio content.

You can drive enough traffic by merely recording your voice. And it can be done by churning out more polished audio content through podcasting.

Podcasting goes beyond sitting in your garage and speaking into a microphone.

Yes, speaking is a vital part of the process, but you’ve got to edit the recording and host it.

Think of it as starting a blog.

A blog goes beyond writing, editing, and formatting. You’ve got to host your blog — and that’s where hosting companies come into play.

Just like a regular blog, podcasts are not hosted in thin air. To get the most out of your podcast, you need the best podcast hosting in 2020.

Here’s the thing; you can’t just record something in an electronic device, then boom, you are Joe Rogan.

It’s not that simple!

To get going, here are the best podcast hosting platforms in 2020.


BuzzSprout has been around since 2009, and they are one of the leading brands in the industry.

BuzzSprout mobile app interface

If you are a newbie, then the BuzzSprout platform is probably the right fit for you.

The platform pretty much handles everything. All you have to do is upload a media file, and it takes care of the rest.

Furthermore, the platform would submit your podcast episodes to all leading podcast directories. This will, in turn, ensure your podcast is available on multiple devices.

Everything is superbly simple — you can easily upload and move audio at a breakneck pace. The simplicity does not translate to minimal features.

You can create shareable video highlights for social media, and also add chapter markers.

The best part…

There is a free plan! And if you have the budget for it, you can go for the paid plan.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran podcaster, there is something for you.


Before diving into the features of PodBean, there is one thing to get straight — to get unlimited bandwidth and uploads, you’ve got to opt for the paid plan. And the lowest plan is about $9 per month.

PodBean interface

That’s a good deal!

Even if you don’t have the budget for the paid plan, you can opt for the free plan. It’s quite good — 100GB bandwidth per month and 5 hours content.

PodBean helps you to push your content out there. They also help with social media marketing.

The analytics, coupled with the low pricing, makes it the right fit for folks who want to take their podcast to the next level.

That’s not all…

There is a month free trial for all the plans.


Whether you are an amateur or a veteran in the industry, Transistor is one of the best podcast hosting platforms.

Transistor interface

Unlike other podcast hosting platforms, they offer unlimited plans. That is, you are not charged by the hour.

With Transistor, you can easily and quickly upload and publish your podcast media.

Podcast analytics is also provided for the user. This way, you will get a visual display of how your podcast is performing.

There is an embed code that makes it easy for the user to add podcast episodes to a WordPress website. And if you don’t have a WordPress-powered website, Transistor could help you create one.

The number of uploads is dependent on your plan. Therefore, as your podcast grows, you will have to upgrade to a higher plan.


Having been in the industry since 2013, you are pretty sure of hosting your podcast with an established player.

In all fairness, before choosing a platform, you should look out for two things.

First, how long the brand has been in the industry. Secondly, how likely they are to stay in business.

Simplecast tick all two boxes!

Simplecast interface

If you are looking for a reliable hosting platform with top-class sharing, distribution, publishing, and analytics tools, Simplecast is the right platform for you.

The pricing plan is straightforward — there is a basic, essential, and growth plan.

What’s more, they offer a 14-day free trial on all three pricing plans.

Simplecast is a sleek, simple, yet powerful platform.

Aside from the simplicity of the platform, they’ve got the Private Podcasting feature. The feature helps you to hide from RSS. This way, you get to publish a private episode that won’t appear in directories or feeds.


Launching a podcast is much more than recording audio and publishing it on a platform. It’s also much more than putting a couple of shiny things together to grab attention.

You’ve got to grow your audience! And that’s where Captivate comes into play.

Captivate interface

Captivate focuses on audience growth.

The platform doesn’t just help you host your podcast episodes, but it helps grow your profile and audience.

What’s more, you can insert a call to action in your podcast episodes. This way, your listeners can be redirected to your website or added to the email list.

The platform offers excellent analytics, which helps the user figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Growing a podcast is hard work. To get going, you would need a robust platform — and Captivate has provision for that.

Still skeptical?

You can try out the seven-day free trial.


Speaker is built with lots of unique features for folks who desire to make significant progress in the podcast industry.

Since 2010, the platform has been software that could be of immense value for any podcaster.

One of its stunning features is the Live Podcasting option. This feature lets your listeners interact with you during live sessions.

The platform has a mobile app (which is compatible with Android and iPhone devices) and a desktop app (which is compatible with Mac and Windows).

The app can be used for performing basic tasks like live streaming, recording, and viewing stats. The thing is, these features vary depending on your device.

If you are not yet sure of the platform, you can check out their free plan. And if you are comfortable with what you see, you can upgrade to the paid plan.


Fusebox is created by a podcaster, for podcasters. Therefore, you are sure of getting all you need to launch a thriving podcast.

After years of podcasting, Pat Flynn searched for the best podcast player, and that’s why Fusebox was born.

Fusebox interface

Fusebox has lots of sleek features like email capture and transcript plugin.

That’s not all…

The installation of the Fusebox WordPress plugin is straightforward. After the installation, you can add an RSS feed.

The next step is to enter the subscription URLs. This way, your shows get pushed to leading directories.

Lastly, you can customize the colors of the podcast players and add them to your website’s pages and posts.

Podcast Websites

Podcast Websites is much more than a podcast hosting platform; it offers more features like web hosting, domain name, WordPress website, email address, unlimited podcast hosting, and much more.

The platform is connected to some of the leading email service providers, and this would make it easy for the user to connect and build a solid email list.

The Academy membership is a great tool for newbies or professionals who would love to take their learning experience to the next level.

Here’s the thing, the Academy is not like a regular online course or the normal YouTube videos that are found everywhere — it’s much more than that.

The Academy comprises a video library, which is created by two known figures in the industry.

All in all, Podcast Websites are the ideal fit for folks who are looking for a sleek yet reliable hosting service. It’s also a good fit for newbies who would want to learn more about the podcast industry.


Audioboom is an all-in-one podcast hosting website. It lets you host, distribute, and ultimately monetize your podcast.

The New podcasters, a paid feature, allow users to publish five podcast episodes per month. The feature also allows up to ten thousand plays in a month.

The exciting thing is, once you’ve passed the 10k monthly download mark, you will gain access to branded partnerships, sponsorships, and targeted ad networks. This provides an avenue for you to start monetizing your podcast, gain traction, and build more credibility in your industry.

Aside from the regular podcast hosting, they have other radio groups and podcast networks, which provide different ways of monetizing your podcast.

Conclusion — Use the best podcast hosting in 2020

Choosing the right podcast hosting is not a walk in the park.

You’ve got to consider vital features like file storage, unlimited bandwidth, and streaming compliance.

Whatever your podcasting needs may be, you can get it handled with any of these best podcast hosting in 2020.

The best part…

Most of these podcast hosting platforms come with a free trial. Therefore, you have nothing holding you from trying these platforms.

Now you know the best platforms, which podcast hosting will you use for your brand?

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