Wix E-commerce Review – Know The Truth

Wix is one of the world’s largest hosted website builders.

Founded in 2006, Wix has grown today to serve over 180 million users in 190 countries worldwide. A lot of that has to do with Wix free plan.

The free plan is a fully functional website and you can get it running without paying a single dime. It has some pretty features, it’s easy to use and the idea is useful for building a website.

It provides customizable website templates that include graphics, image galleries, font, vector, animation, and other options.

It’s one of the foremost prevalent and well-known site builders out there, the reason for that is because it’s super easy to use and has lots of freedom that some other website builders don’t have.

It’s one of the most user-friendly website builders that we’ve seen so far.

I will be guiding you through the complete and genuine Wix e-commerce review in this article, the features, benefits, cons, and pros to see if it might be the right choice for you.

Wix e-commerce review

e-commerce is now important than ever.

Wix e-commerce helps your launch, run and scale your online store effectively and successfully.

wix interface

You have the avenue to create your store to your taste through customization from the storefront to the checkout process to product page, shopping cart, and store.

The Wix e-commerce also gives free commerce tools like Wix logo producer and business title generator to open up your online presence and get recognized together with your domain name.

You also set up your business and that also offer as many products you want to sell not only on Wix but across all channels affiliated with Wix like your Facebook, eBay, Instagram, and amazon shops

Wix e-commerce offers subscriptions either weekly or on monthly orders depending on your subscription.

To create a Wix e-commerce account simply follow the steps below:

  • Log in or sign up for your account
  • Choose from over 500 professional online templates.
  • Customize your online design store.
  • Add products to your store.
  • Connect your payment options and set up shipping.
  • Choose a custom domain.
  • Publish your eCommerce website and begin selling.

Wix e-commerce Review: Template and Design

WIX e-Commerce review

Wix e-commerce has more than 500 customizable website templates to choose from, so you can customize depending on what you need it for ranging from restaurants, life music career.

Pretty much anything you’re looking for is on Wix, you can find a template to make your website attractive and be able to promote whatever you’re interested in.

You can start completely from scratch and use a blank template and build a completely custom page or site in the way you want it to be.

It offers an incredible number of options, a lot of freedom for editing your web pages, and is easy to use.

The template is one of the best things about Wix because there are so many of them.

The good thing about the Wix template is that they are offered for specific services, these templates are named according to the business, practices, or purposes they’re designed for.

WIX e-Commerce review

Another good thing about this template is that they look completely different from each other which gives it a unique look and make it different from others.

Another great feature with this template is it often comes with an app pre-installed which means you don’t have to go through the stress of importing the extra features into the website yourself, like the restaurant’s menu.

WIX e-commerce review: Sales and Marketing Tools

SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on your website presence in search results on search engines like Google.

Wix has one of the best SEO tools in any website builder. It allows your website to rank higher in search engines as a result it gets more exposure and more traffic.

Wix allows you to edit all important features for optimizing your websites such as page title, URL, and word text.

It asks you to input keywords from your site and that will determine what page needed to be optimized for those words and it generates an SEO checklist for you to follow and works through step by step.

It helps you optimize your home page and walks you through your site page and contact information and helps you improve your SEO as your site grows.

This is invaluable for getting your name and brand out there.

Email marketing 

You can manage email marketing campaigns directly from Wix.

You can directly link your products to your social media platform like your Facebook page, Instagram, and so on.

You can encourage your audience to buy from you without even visiting your website which is a great way of increasing conversion especially if you have a large social media following.

You can see how many orders you got, what your conversion rate is, what your overall revenue is, you can also see how your purchasing funnel is working; your landing page, checkout process.

The pricing options are of great value and affordable. There are free trials also, discounts, special promotions going on; it’s cool to try the free trial first to see if they are okay for you. 

Wix App Market and Multiplatform

In terms of apps, Wix offers more than 300 apps that would expand your site functionality which includes blogs, customized contact forms, event calendars, and much more.

About 50 of these apps are created by Wix and there’s also a third-party app that you’ll have access to, which means you’ll get integration with things like google Adsense, social media Adsense.

Most are free versions while others require a paid plan to access more advanced features.

Wix e-commerce Store Products

You can sell physical and digital products; it offers a variety of what you can sell in your catalog.

Wix store product

There’s a slight difference in both, in digital, you have the option to upload your file you can also add inventory and shipping.

You upload your pictures, images, price, and so on.

wix product category

Physical is similar to digital you add your images and videos here too, name, price, description, and additional info section like delivery policies, custom products, return policy.

You can also add a custom text field.

It allows buyers to personalize what they want in a product i.e., a customer ordering a watch may want a particular word engraved on that product.

You also organize your products and add a collection name, images.

Wix e-commerce Inventory and Tracking

Wix e-commerce also has an intuitive tool for setting up an online store with options for variations on products, colors, or size, tracking, inventory, and managing orders.

This means if you have an online store, you’ll be able to customize your product pages and shopping carts and integrate your shop seamlessly into the rest of your site.

Although, track inventory makes more sense in physical than digital products.

In terms of features like shipping, it’s also easy there are even options to connect to draw shopping partners to expand your product offerings which is truly a great thing to have.

Wix gives you all the tools needed to run your entire business online. 

Wix e-commerce Payment

Wix e-commerce payment has increased drastically over the years.

They have new payment gateway options such as 2checkout, stripe, and square.

you also get paid online through Wix’s multiple payment methods which include debit/credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay. Another payment option is PayPal.

You’ll be able to do things like accept online payment, you’ll also be able to sell products not just on your site but on other social channels like Facebook, Amazon, and other online marketing places.

Wix e-commerce Pricing

wix pricing

Wix offers a free plan but if you want to get a custom domain, remove Wix ads or increase bandwidth and storage you will need a paid plan.

To solve this, you would possibly want to think about the paid plans that Wix offer.

Wix eCommerce features 3 separate pricing plans named as Business basic, Business Unlimited, and Business VIP.

This way, as a Wix user, you can choose the plan of your choice that optimally fulfills your eCommerce needs.

  • Business basic plan ($17 per month): 

Business Basic is the basic plan that costs you $17/month. This plan offers you a secure online payment feature. You get to add your custom domains and enable your customers to create their personal accounts.

The storage space offered with the business basic package is 20 GB which is sufficient for a moderate volume of content. This package restricts you to videos with a maximum of 5 hours.

The basic package doesn’t support multiple currencies and subscriptions. Besides that, third-party features like Modalyst drop shipping, Kudo Buzz reviews, and smile.io loyalty program is not available with the business basic package.

  • Business unlimited plan ($25 per month):

Business unlimited package is the most popular Wix eCommerce package. This package would cost you $25/month with additional features relative to the basic package.

The business unlimited package provides you enhanced storage space of 35 GB to store a bulk amount of online content. Video hours limit gets increased to 10 hours with the business unlimited package. This package supports multiple currencies with a subscription feature enabled.

Sales tax automation can be done for up to 100 transactions/month. You get to sell on marketplaces with this eCommerce package too.

With Business unlimited package, you can enable Modalyst dropshipping for up to 250 products. The package supports up to 1000 reviews by Kudo Buzz. However, the loyalty program by smile.io is not supported in business unlimited package.

  • Business VIP plans ($35 per month):

Business VIP is the top most package offered by Wix eCommerce. This package costs you $35/month. It offers you every single feature that you may need to run a superb eCommerce store.

The business VIP package comes with a huge storage space of 50GB. It doesn’t restrict video hours and supports unlimited video hours. You get to make customized reports with the VIP package and enjoy prioritized customer care.

You get to move to the front of the line anytime you’ve got a question.

This is a great option for anyone that wants to get issues resolved as soon as possible and can afford to do so.

VIP package supports multiple currencies for transactions and allows subscription by users. Sales tax automation can be done for up to 500 transactions/month with this plan.

Business VIP package supports Modalyst drop shipping for unlimited products. It also allows for up to 3000 product reviews with Kudobuzz. The VIP package also supports a third-party loyalty program by smile.io.

If you’re into e-commerce you should consider looking at the business VIP plan.

You can accept online payment on all these plans and there’s a 14days period to get a full refund of your money for any of these plans with no questions asked if you’re not satisfied with the plan.

But after those 14 days, you’ll have to contact Wix support and state your case and they will review it and decide on a private basis if they ought to refund. 


Wix e-commerce business tools

Also, to generate more visitors to your site Wix e-commerce offers an impressive suite of business tools.

This includes email marketing, social post builder, automation, marketing integration invoice, and analytics which is useful for promoting goods and services.

Rather than just wait for customers to come to you, you can create lead generation.

After you’ve built a subscriber list, you send content to them directly.

You can also create social media posts yourself, Wix e-commerce gives you the tools that can help you create social media content.

All you need to do is to choose an image and modify the text along so that you can share something that quick and appeal depending on your site audience.

It helps you understand your audience and how to adjust your business to drive more traffic.

Furthermore, Wix eCommerce tools include:

Discount coupons: you can use them for marketing campaigns, email campaigns, or social media campaigns.

Create promo video: you can also create videos for your products this is done by creating your product’s images.

Domain Hosting with Wix

You can purchase your own domain name from Wix!

Wix offers you a facility to buy a domain for your eCommerce stores directly from Wix. Purchasing a domain through Wix is a highly convenient process.

When you buy a domain from Wix, the address is connected to the Wix servers immediately. You may also move your domain to Wix in order to handle all domain-related matters within your Wix account.

Simply move to your domains page and click buy a domain. Enter your preferred domain name and extensions and check for its availability. Choose the registration period and enter your contact details.

Select a privacy protection level from available options of full privacy or basic privacy. Select your payment method and click submit purchase.

The cost of a domain varies depending upon the following factors:

  • Extension of domain like .com, .tv, .info etc.
  • The valuation of your local currency
  • Registration period i.e. the number of years you are registering the domain for.
  • The type of privacy protection
  • Domain vouchers or discounts, if any.

Through various hosting packages discussed above, you get free registration of your domain for 1 year. After that, you have to pay for your domain.

Wix e-commerce customer support

Wix provides 24/7 support service to its customers to streamline the operations of their eCommerce stores. The support service of Wix is meant to address the issues faced by users during their eCommerce journey at Wix.

At Wix Support Center, you can find a category-wise listing of the common issues that may arise. You can see topics related to Wix Editor, Plans and billings, SEO, Analytics, Media management, and many others.

You can simply refer to the support center and find the topic related to your query. Besides that, you can even type your queries in the search bar and Wix will show you results with the most relevant solutions.

This way, you get loads of options to avail Wix customer support services. By asking questions, watching tutorials, browsing relevant articles, or contacting the Wix agent, you get to solve your queries within no time.

They have a team of experts who are always ready to help you with any issue that you may have. You can also find a lot of helpful information on their website. Overall, Wix eCommerce is a great platform with great customer support.

customer support

Customer Care now provides chat assistance in various languages.

Wix ECommerce Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most crucial element for the success of any virtual or digital platform. The same is the case with the Wix eCommerce platform too. Wix eCommerce has been striving to ensure top-notch customer satisfaction for an improved eCommerce ecosystem.

According to Kinsta, there are around 3.3 million websites worldwide that are using Wix. From 2018 to 2020, Wix’s market share increased from 0.4% to 1.3%. This shows a significant inclination of users towards Wix for their site-building and eCommerce purposes.

The overall rating of Wix on ToolTester is 4.5/5 which makes it a high-performing platform in the market. This rating demonstrates effective customer satisfaction ensured by Wix.


­Wix has been rated 4.7/5 on Website Builder Expert. This rating is particularly oriented towards the eCommerce services of Wix. Such a high rating shows the extent of customer satisfaction offered by Wix through its worthwhile features and economical plans.


According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Wix has been rated 4.3/5 for its performance and customer satisfaction. One fine index demonstrating Wix’s high customer satisfaction is that 82% of Wix customers retain with Wix even after one year.

This is why Wix is contributing a high volume to the total websites around the globe. Through diverse hosting plans, increased customizability, and effective support service, Wix has been enjoying high customer satisfaction worldwide.

Pros and Cons of Wix e-commerce


  • No sales fee.
  • A real-time calculator helps with planning your shipping.
  • Wix doesn’t charge commission; Wix doesn’t take any commission from your sales.
  • Quick to set up: There’s no coding or technical knowledge needed at all and that includes setting up more of the advanced features. It is relatively easy to build and use.
  • Lots of customization options and functionality:

You will always find a great design no matter what you’re looking for, it’s also extremely flexible whereas other website builders can limit your creative options.

Wix allows you to make your creative vision a reality.

Pretty much anything you’re looking for you can find a template to make your website attractive and be able to promote whatever you’re interested in.

You can animate and customize your elements and is also an integrated app with more than 250 apps available such as online scheduling, event-brief.


  • Limited loading speed.
  • Your tracking and analytics require a paid plan.
  • Premium plans are for single-site only, it can’t be used across two or more Wix websites owned by you.
  • Poor Customer Service

If you are one of those people that like to talk to a real person or if you have a specific question that a guide can’t answer, you have to find a way to submit a ticket and receive a call back from the Wix support team.

If you then you’ll mostly be referred back to the support centre which kind of locks you to this frustrating loop.

You might get a little frustrated with the contact support.

pros and cons summary wix weebly wordpress squarespace
A quick comparison between Wix and its rivals in the market

Wix ECommerce Scalability

Wix eCommerce provides you significant room for scalability when it comes to expanding your online presence. With its top premium plans, you can scale your stores with more content, bandwidth, and languages.

This way, as your business grows, you get to expand your online presence through Wix too. However, Wix does bring some limitations to this scalability factor for much bigger and more widespread online stores.

As your online store gets much more widespread, migration of your data becomes difficult. Besides that, Wix brings some limitations to templates and themes and makes it impossible to switch templates once your website is live.

Amid such a scenario, opting for an eCommerce alternative can be the right option for you. A platform that provides you increased flexibility and scalability as your online store becomes bigger and widespread.

When Wix is Recommended?

Wix, being a diverse platform is a great fit for individuals and businesses around the globe. Through its efficient architecture and diverse features, Wix holds the potential to address the varying needs of individual users and startups.

Wix is a worthwhile option for beginners. Bloggers, developers, and eCommerce enthusiasts who are at a beginning stage in the industry can refer to Wix to begin their journey in a smooth manner.

Wix is recommended if you intend to launch an online store. Wix eCommerce offers you reliable services in this case to build a captivating online store quite conveniently. Wix is compatible with stores that are moderately widespread.

Wix is a great choice for business websites. Be it any kind of business involving product sales or services, Wix provides you with an easy-to-use platform to launch your websites and stores.

For bloggers and affiliate marketers, Wix is an SEO-friendly option for enhanced outreach. Through Wix, you can address a diverse audience with its search engine-friendly architecture. You can also market your products and services through affiliate blogging with Wix.

When Wix is not recommended?

Wix is not recommended for extremely big stores that are widespread across the nationalities. This is because of the scalability limitations of Wix in such a scenario.

Wix is a good fit for moderately big stores as it can cater to the requirements of such a store. However, as the businesses grow too much, Wix compatibility gets increasingly compromised.

Besides that, as a digital marketer, relying solely on Wix can be a bad deal for you. Relative to other content management systems online, Wix doesn’t perform that well when it comes to ranking in the top results of the search engine.

Hence there are certain cases where Wix might not be the right choice for you. Amid such scenarios, referring to an alternative content management system can be the right decision you will make.

Wix e-commerce review conclusion

Wix’s eCommerce plan allows you to easily sell your goods and services.

Their new feature for the digital market takes care of the entire sales process for you as these orders will be sent directly to your customer.

So, in short, Wix eCommerce provides a robust and powerful platform for selling anything you want to sell.

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