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Every thing you need to know about Affiliate Marketing Free Virtual Event in 2023

What is a free virtual event?

A “free virtual event” refers to an online gathering or activity that is accessible to participants without any charge.

Such events are held in a virtual space, meaning they’re conducted over the internet using various platforms or tools, rather than in a physical location. Here are some key features and types of free virtual events:

  1. Webinars: These are typically educational or informational sessions where a speaker or panel presents on a specific topic. Attendees can usually ask questions through chat or voice.
  2. Virtual Conferences: Similar to physical conferences, these events might have multiple speakers, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities, but everything takes place online.
  3. Online Workshops: These are interactive sessions where participants can learn a new skill or concept, often with opportunities to practice or get feedback.
  4. Live Streams: These can range from musical performances to product launches. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch are commonly used for such events.
  5. Virtual Tradeshows: Exhibitors set up virtual booths where attendees can explore products, watch demos, and chat with company representatives.
  6. Virtual Social Gatherings: Such as virtual happy hours, trivia nights, or book clubs.
  7. Online Gaming Events: Tournaments or casual gaming sessions organized for participants to join and play.
  8. Virtual Tours: Museums, historical sites, or companies might offer virtual walkthroughs of their spaces.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where businesses reward external partners, known as affiliates, for generating traffic or sales through the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Typically, affiliates promote products or services using unique tracking links provided by the affiliate program. When consumers click on these links and make a purchase or perform a specified action (like signing up for a service), the affiliate receives a commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing Free Virtual Event?

Affiliate Marketing Free Virtual Event is an online event or webinar that focuses on the topic of affiliate marketing, where participants can attend without any charge.

It’s designed to educate attendees on the strategies, tools, and best practices of affiliate marketing, enabling them to monetize their online content, platforms, or networks by promoting products or services of others.

For Example:

Imagine “AffiliateCon 2023”, a free virtual event hosted on Zoom. The event spans over two days and features speakers from leading affiliate networks, successful affiliate marketers sharing their experiences, and workshops on tools and techniques.

Attendees can join from anywhere in the world, interact with speakers, and network with other participants, all while learning about the nuances of affiliate marketing without any entry fee.

This allows for broad access to valuable insights and promotes the growth and understanding of affiliate marketing as a viable online business model.

Why are they free?

  • Promotional Reasons: A company might host a free event to promote a new product or service.
  • Community Building: Organizations or individuals might host free events to build or foster a sense of community.
  • Educational: Institutions or educators might offer free virtual events to share knowledge or raise awareness on certain topics.
  • Monetization through Other Means: Some events are free to attend but might have sponsorship deals, advertisements, or offer premium services or products during the event.

The platforms used for these events can vary widely, from video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to platforms specifically designed for large-scale virtual events.

It’s worth noting that just because an event is free doesn’t mean it lacks value or quality. Many organizations invest significant resources into creating impactful, high-quality virtual experiences for attendees, even when there’s no direct charge for participation.

Who can benefit from What is Affiliate Marketing Free Virtual Event?

An “Affiliate Marketing Free Virtual Event” can benefit various groups of people, depending on the content of the event and its target audience. Here are some potential beneficiaries of such an event:

  1. Beginners to Affiliate Marketing: Those new to affiliate marketing can get a foundational understanding of the concept, learn strategies, and identify the best tools and platforms to start their affiliate journey.
  2. Existing Affiliate Marketers: Experienced marketers can benefit from advanced strategies, industry updates, and best practices shared during the event. They can also use the event to network with other affiliates and potentially find new partnership opportunities.
  3. Brands and Merchants: Companies looking to establish or expand their affiliate programs can learn about best practices for recruiting affiliates, setting commission structures, and tracking conversions. They might also discover new tools or platforms to facilitate their affiliate programs.
  4. Digital Marketing Professionals: Those in related fields like content marketing, SEO, or PPC advertising might find crossover skills and strategies that they can integrate into their work.
  5. Bloggers and Influencers: Content creators looking for monetization strategies can learn how to incorporate affiliate links effectively in their content, understand the importance of disclosures, and select relevant affiliate programs.
  6. E-commerce Site Owners: Business owners can learn how to set up and run their own affiliate programs or leverage existing ones to increase sales and brand visibility.
  7. Tech Developers and Startup Owners: Those who are developing tools, software, or platforms for the affiliate industry can get insights into the needs of the market, network with potential clients, and gain feedback on their products.
  8. Job Seekers: Individuals looking for roles in affiliate marketing, account management, or affiliate program strategy might gain valuable insights and network with potential employers or clients.
  9. Students and Academics: Those studying marketing, business, or related fields can get a practical understanding of the affiliate marketing landscape, which can be valuable for their academic pursuits or future career choices.
  10. Networking: Apart from the educational aspect, virtual events often provide opportunities for networking. Attendees can connect with industry peers, potential partners, and even mentors.

What are some popular Affiliate Marketing Virtual Event?

  1. Affiliate Summit: One of the most prominent events in the affiliate marketing world, Affiliate Summit has both in-person and virtual iterations. It hosts thousands of attendees and covers the latest trends, strategies, and insights in affiliate marketing.
  2. Affiliate World Conferences: This global event is known for its high-quality content and networking opportunities. Although it started as a physical event, it has also embraced virtual sessions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Affiliate Virtual Summit: As the name suggests, this summit is dedicated to virtual interactions. It often hosts influential speakers who share their experiences, tips, and insights about the industry.
  4. ClickSummit: This event focuses on various online marketing strategies, including affiliate marketing. It’s known for its actionable insights and expert-led sessions.
  5. Performance Marketing Summit: This virtual event dives deep into performance-based marketing strategies, including affiliate marketing, paid advertising, SEO, and more.
  6. CJ University (CJU): Hosted by the Commission Junction affiliate network, CJU offers educational sessions and networking opportunities for affiliates and advertisers. They’ve had virtual sessions to cater to global attendees.
  7. Rakuten Advertising DealMaker Events: Rakuten Advertising, a major affiliate network, hosts these events to connect advertisers and publishers. They also provide insights into the latest trends and tools in affiliate marketing.
  8. ThinkTank by ShareASale: ShareASale, another leading affiliate network, hosts ThinkTank, an event that focuses on best practices, platform updates, and strategies in affiliate marketing.
  9. Webinars by Impact Radius: Impact Radius, a renowned affiliate and partnership automation company, conducts various webinars focusing on the nuances of affiliate marketing, strategies, and tools.
  10. AffLIFT Forum Meetups: AffLIFT, an affiliate marketing community, often hosts virtual meetups for its members to share, learn, and network.

What are the best tools to launch Affiliate Marketing Virtual Event?

Launching an affiliate marketing virtual event requires tools that can handle registration, communication, content delivery, engagement, and tracking. The best tools often combine several of these features to ensure the smooth running of the event. Here are some popular tools to consider:

  1. Webinar and Virtual Meeting Platforms:
    • Zoom: Popular for webinars and virtual meetings.
    • GoToWebinar: Provides features for hosting, promoting, and analyzing webinars.
    • Webex: Offers web conferencing, cloud calling and equipment for conference rooms.
    • Demio: A webinar platform built for marketing with features like automated webinars, customizable registration pages, and in-depth analytics.
  2. Virtual Event Platforms:
    • Hopin: Allows you to recreate the in-person event experience online with multiple stages, breakout sessions, and expo booths.
    • Run The World: Provides a variety of formats for online events, from cocktail parties to panel discussions.
    • vFairs: Virtual event platform that offers booths, webinars, and networking lounges.
  3. Landing Page Builders:
    • ClickFunnels: Designed for building sales funnels, which can be used to drive sign-ups.
    • Leadpages: A platform for building landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars.
    • Instapage: Allows for creation of landing pages for ads and promotions.
  4. Email Marketing Tools:
    • Mailchimp: Popular email marketing platform with automation capabilities.
    • ConvertKit: Designed for creators with easy-to-use automation and segmenting features.
    • ActiveCampaign: Combines email marketing with CRM and sales automation.
  5. Affiliate Management Platforms:
    • Post Affiliate Pro: A full-featured affiliate marketing tool that integrates with many platforms.
    • Impact Radius: Offers advanced tracking and automation for affiliate programs.
    • AffTrack: Provides click tracking, affiliate management, and other necessary tools.
  6. Engagement and Networking:
    • Slack or Discord: Can be used to create community channels for real-time discussions and networking.
    • Miro or MURAL: Virtual whiteboards for brainstorming and collaboration during the event.
  7. Analytics and Tracking:
    • Google Analytics: For tracking website and landing page traffic.
    • Hotjar or Crazy Egg: Provides heat maps and user recordings to understand user behavior on your site.

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